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DADDY DEAR ( 2014 ) 2014/09/20

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Sixty-five years ago today

My father died, he passed away

We did not know if we’d survive

How would we keep ourselves alive ?

It wasn’t easy I’ll tell you

But we were strong and made it through

It’s true to say that I’m the last

With memories of that sad past !

Such feelings one can never share

Perhaps you know if you’ve been there

So long ago it’s like a dream

That wakens with a silent scream !

He missed it all, the laughs and sighs

The joyous days, the sad goodbyes

How many times I’ve wished you here

My heart still aches for Daddy dear !







WAR ( 2014 )

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How does a child observe a war

And query what they’re fighting for

It can’t be love no matter what

For in a war love’s been forgot !

It isn’t peace, that’s most absurd

As here hate is the final word

And kindness cannot help a bit

In chaos it will never fit !

How sad there’s no path left to try

To help explain or justify

Why men must ever vengeful be

Using God’s cause to kill with glee !




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