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TOO GREAT A COST ( 2019 ) 2019/07/23

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Can it  be  I  hear an  alarm

The world we knew has lost its charm

It’s upside down and  turned  around

Looks like we  all are  losing ground

While  terra firma seems so grand

Society  destroys  the  land

We need take care  before we’re lost

Our carelessness  too  great a cost !




CHANGING EVERY DAY ( 2018 ) 2018/07/26

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There are so many dreams I’ve had

Some old, some borrowed, some brand new

A few turned out to be quite sad

But there were winners, one or two.

I thank You Lord, for all the luck

And wish my friends much of the same

This effort took most of the pluck

To help save each one in the game.

I know that dreams will never end

Fact is they only fade away

In time, conditions all must blend

While dreams keep changing every day !


OFFTRACK ( 2016 ) 2016/10/19

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All our dreams are battered and worn

The flag we love, tattered and torn

Our values distorted and bent

Who knows where our future went ?

Perhaps we dreamt a bit too much

Or trusted those of questioned touch

We followed paths that were unknown

Where seeds of doubt had long been sown

And so it seems we’ve run offtrack

We’d like to take our power back !



AT THE GATE ( 2014 ) 2014/09/27

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How sad it is for us to be

Hiding from life’s inequity

The question that’s been asked of me

Shall we survive the enemy ?

We surely know there will be cost

Our wisdom gone our valour lost

This tragedy which we maintain

Doth drown us all in grave disdain !

Evoking words we’ve heard before

Our future’s knocking on the door

Truth don’t you think that it’s too late

Barbarians are at the gate ?


TIME MACHINE ( 2014 ) 2014/07/07

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My mind becomes a time machine

Like Jack, I have this magic bean

It grows and keeps reminding me

Of memories that used to be !

The clarity of where I’ve been

Is clear as I remember when

I wished that I could share this gift

With those who need a mighty lift.

It’s not that truth falls in-between

These cracks that pop-up on the scene

It’s simply that one waits too long

To ponder why good things go wrong !

Perhaps we could retrace our ways

Recalling all those yesterdays

When each of us would stand up tall

Admitting errors great and small !



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