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LITTLE ONE ( 2014 ) 2014/09/17

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Mommy, Mommy if I can fly

Please won’t you tell me just how high ?

My little one, up to the stars

There is no goal that can’t be ours !

Daddy, Daddy what can I do

To grow up strong and be like you ?

Oh little one, learn to love God

You’ll find no task will be too hard !




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Do you hear the maddening sound

Of chaos rising all around

And do you smell fear in the air

It’s like a shroud that lingers there !

How can we hide, where will we run

This world’s not safe for anyone

As for myself I have scant fear

I’m sure my time moves ever near !

We whisper prayers both night and day

That entreat God to pave the way

And help us all to safer be

Encouraging civility !




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