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MY MOTHER’S VOICE ( 2014 ) 2014/09/09

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Oh how I miss each Sunday morn

Sounds echoing since I was born

Those happy tunes or plaintive hymns

From early on till evening dims.

Their voices raised with one accord

The hopeful sing and praise the Lord,

My mother’s voice so sweet and strong

Would sound aloud the whole week long.

She loved to sing each olden tune

About romance, lost love or moon,

I wish I knew if heaven rings

With hymns and songs an angel sings !






HEROINE ( 2014 )

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Once was I thought that I would be

Some heroine in history

One must be brave and noble too

With sacrifice for quite a few !

It took so long to understand

That life’s not always great or grand

And sometimes it just pays to be

A simple sort with piety !

It’s strange the way dreams disappear

To leave us all quite baffled here

How much more fun if we could be

Included in God’s next story !


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