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BLESSING OF HIS LOVE ( 2019 ) 2019/06/04

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Of all the words that have been writ

There is but one  that covers it

Of all the feelings man does know

There is but one that all must show

For love it  is that grows and glows

Straight from our minds unto our toes

And brings to each that God-like worth

The blessings of His love on earth !




THE CHRISTCHILD ( 2013 ) 2013/12/25

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I awakened this morning and looked all around

I wanted to share with you the comfort I’d found.

In the smallest of ways on the happiest days

A great flock of birds seemed to be chirping God’s praise,

I laughed hard at their breadth but disturbed not their song

And wished with the whole of my heart I could belong.

Then I suddenly thought of that first holy night

And all the creatures of God that witnessed the sight

What a wonder it was, what a glorious gift

With the power to heal and the will to uplift.

The beasts of the fields welcomed His coming to earth

While the stars in the sky celebrated His birth !


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