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LIFE’S CHALLENGE ( 2005 ) 2013/04/17


When a flower drops its petals

and its seeds are blown away

And its dry stalks tremble, break

to drop and lie amidst decay,

When a tall tree bends its wide limbs

and its leaves are swept away

Seeking safe and sheltered haven

hence await another day,

When a dream still waits unbidden

as the years have caused delay

And the hopes that fill a young mind

through the years have gone astray

When a heart that’s old and mellow

beats its last and sad farewell

Searching for the final hospice

where the soul at peace may dwell,

When the aims of every lifetime

falter, tarry and dispel

Knowing soon the battle’s over

and its goals have too short fell,

There among these winter feelings

where the hurt will rise and swell,

Face that fleeting day of anger,

sally forth and chance rebel.


CHILDHOOD ( 1976 ) 2013/04/16


Poor old teddy bear, waiting tired and time-worn

Reminding me of many nights spent too forlorn,

We have seen better days when your soft coat was new

And all the dreams we dared to dream seemed overdue.

I put away my childhood toys as I grew old

Because I’d sought the happiness that futures hold.

While childish hopes are based upon small simple things

They fade into the lonely past that growing brings.

Sometimes I wish, with all my heart, I could recall

That yesteryear, so long ago, when I was small.

There’s a precious amount of brief security

In loving a teddy bear who loves only me.


SEARCHING ( 1952 )

Lemon balm and lavender, amaryllis green

All the scents a garden holds, vibrant though unseen

Tansy tall and spearmint bright spend their perfumes gay

While violets and lilies white do their incense spray

Midst this tangled rooting mass lies a seed unborn

That may blossom forth one day into times forlorn.


Tiny mums, petunias bold nestle side by side

Laughing bells with nodding heads do their mirth confide,

Watch the painted daisy bow with a grace serene,

Spreads the creeping myrtle discreetly in-between,

How this sight does profit me as I chance intrude

Like some stranger in a trance, arrogant and rude.


In a field of thornbush one lonely primrose grew

Pledging soon that I’d forget that long wait I knew,

I trace again those times that quickly flew too fast

While roses by a fence remind me of the past,

Alas my life slips by too soon its season ends

And I am left behind to grieve the loss of friends.


A flower ends its life in quiet simple ways

Enriched by nature’s cool and passionless displays,

The years may come and go as petals fade and die

But in the life of man this fading means goodbye,

Reaching the final circumstance wherein resides

The blending of that time when none but truth presides.


Sunlight in a garden though seeming ever bright

Fades into a sunset where flowers sleep at night

Fulfillment of happenings that I dare not know,

Like shadows of sentiment those I scarce can show

Reminds me that a man though born of God’s intent

Fades into the darkness before his life is spent.


I’ve walked among the shadows, whistled in the rain

Faced the bloody mountain and shivered with the pain

I’ve questioned valid reason and read books untold

Searching for an answer about what life might hold,

Yet always in my mind that field of flowers glows

Can I trust one promise beyond what nature grows?


WHEN I WAS A CHILD ( 1998 ) 2013/04/14

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I choose to remember when I was a child

That the streams fell o’er rocks running free and wild

And trickled neath the garden wall

Through crevices that time installed.


The spattering rain bore a scent of pleasure

That’s stored in my mind like a hidden treasure,

These simple joys which I once knew

With passing years much fonder grew.


Some mornings I’d lie on the side of the hill

While the wind whistled tunes that sent me a chill,

With quick’ning pace fleet life had lent

I wondered where that springtime went.


Small prickly green spikes rushed to cover the ground

Bold to herald new seasons the year had found,

Those terms I’d based my life upon

Too soon before my youth had gone.


Each brook seemed to flow as though thought were inane

While crooning a song with a wistful refrain,

I tread beach sand so clean and white

And sadly kissed each day goodnight.


I marveled at clouds that decided to play

In the midst of a hot sultry August day,

First they were blue then rose then pink,

Plum in time for that sun to sink.


The fields wore a garland of flowers in bloom

With cascades of blossoms to sweeten the gloom,

I touched the frost that capped the sea

As the summer’s length swept past me.


I awoke with mixed chatter of migrant birds

To witness God’s errand that needed no words,

I laughed with glee when autumn came

Cause I’d heard of October’s fame.


The perfume of burning leaves since done away

Was the smouldering ash of another day,

Now I’ve grown old I still recall

Those umber leaves that echoed fall.


On overhead boughs naked and shivering

Lay remnants of nests in the wind quivering,

While logs and twigs were known to sleep

All winter long in snow knee-deep.


Soon white flakes that grandeur knew obscured the sky

While I with quick breath did watch the last bird fly,

The years are gone but not the thrill

Forget that time, I cannot still.


There was heart to smell and feel and taste and see

Perhaps question what life was offering me,

Why must truth hide behind a mask

To yield unwon its precious task?


DIVORCE ( 1978 )

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What are we love, where have we been

Beyond the scope of origin?

Among those lost and wasted souls

With waning hopes, forgotten goals

Are tragic myths sunk in despair

That flounder on discarded care.

Uneasy is that moment passed

Wherein each tear which could not last

Intrudes upon what others reap,

Impose on we who constant keep

Alive belief that love is spent

One lifetime long with vow content.


False impudence will rise alone

To seek new paths that are not known

Whence lies this foreign dark retreat

In which our passion meets defeat

To conquer both the thought and word

That crying in the cold is heard,

One voice, vibrant as stars that fall,

Demands of us, “ You must stand tall ! “


FRIENDS ( 1983 ) 2013/04/13

Above the roof and chimney rise

I tend my garden in the skies,

I sleep with stars and wake with sun

Until my way in life is done.

I weep with mist and cry with rain

And live with hope that mellows pain.

I pay my way and now have learned

To value all the friends I’ve earned.

Build me no castle, sing no song

Carry no ill though hurt is strong.

When I’m old and youth’s spark is gone

Walk close beside me here and yon.

Leave me no paths that I must choose

Will me no fortune I may lose.

Unkempt and fledgling is my cure

That wanders oft with faith secure.

I’ve shaped my goals that they may fit

Into a mold with pride on it.


I’m bound to earth by God’s own will

With courage breathing hushed and still.

When to the trembling brink I’m tossed

And wisdom flees, appearing lost

I thank my God on bended knee

That love thus far has sheltered me.



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Sometimes when I am at my ease

A simple odor treads the breeze

And from the past some mem’ry brought

Across my mind in homely thought

That waits upon those childhood days

Where knowledge grows and friendship strays.

I’m not so sure that as I’ve grown

My youthful fears have all but flown,

However names I can’t recall

Will ever plague my portrait wall

And recollections I connote

May brim my eye or catch my throat.


And if I choose to chance forget

Some dream that’s had no ending yet,

One face that lingers on may cling

To fragile moments spread with spring,

Now bearing neither ache nor rage

Becomes the privilege of age.



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Oh mermaid by the fountains edge

There shaded by delinquent hedge,

With naked soul to wind exposed

Remains aloof yet rests composed.

I ponder o’er your endless plight

Forever left just out of sight.

I climb the stair to lonely bed

Through halls with bleak and empty stead.

Raw courage will importance play

Command each night to greet the day.

Abide with calm and peaceful mind

Within the span that time will bind.


This single vigil I must keep

Until my heart slips into sleep

Reminds me of that maid too bare

Whose marble eyes do vacant stare

Into the world to never see

Some ending of futility.


AGING ( 2005 ) 2013/04/12

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I’ve lately learned to live within the prison of my mind

That bars an entrance to some foolish pleasures I may find.

Here functions stalwart guardian deflecting thoughts intense

Erecting varied walls that strive to work for my defense,

Like a thousand rolling caissons exploding on a hill

Destroying all the silence that blankets my calm and still,

( Thunder shouting with an angry roar, one horrendous sight

Enlarging on the flimsy grasp of my tenacious plight.)

And now I do begin to understand that within me

Abides a force beyond control that shapes my destiny.


Where I have been before, that I remember clearly now

Vague and familiar paths that I have trod with time endowed,

While waning aspirations in discretion plainly sealed,

With wanting knew defeat but in forgetting, rapid healed?

I’ve sped to numerous places and never more alone

Than when I covered all those miles that had persistent grown

For man’s not free as a bird whose wings and heart do follow

The jaded pattern of the past like consistent swallow,

A humble place that rested within sight of waking eye

To leave no lasting memory when only passing by.


However haunting be the thought that we’ve already seen

The best and worst life offers us with simple space  between,

The aging heart knows sorrow that dwells with repetition

Harboring unruly thoughts that border on sedition.

The push and the pull of necessity which pursues me

And fills the trembling hours with boundless days that restless be

To wonder if some reason can be found ere I depart

Or  am I forced to exist with never another start?

This lonely hope, once awakened, here cradles discontent

Of years and times that shallow youth, with wasted aim misspent.


I comprehend that life drones on though all excitement’s flown

And wallows in contentments small that from resentment’s grown.

Perhaps then ‘tis wiser rejecting goals that reach too high,

Discarding dreams still searching for a rainbow in each sky,

The result of aging, which begins with maturity

Is a final wisdom that concludes in obscurity.



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There’s a special place that I now recall

Both secret and safe in a garden wall,

Far my favorite space when I was small

Was that wooden gate in the garden wall.

And there beneath that garden way

One million tears were washed away

And drained themselves into the ground

To gain the solace I have found.

When I’ve spied a spot with a hidden door

That may lead to the rest I’m reaching for,

The sight of a hedge by a garden gate

Is the knowledge that mellows oft too late.


One entrance in a crumbling wall

Was childhood’s fancy to recall

While shadows cast upon the ground

Did guard the peace that patience found.

The permanence I ‘d felt inside that gate

Where no words alone could ever relate

In the simple fare of my life would be

Like an endless rope of eternity.

I’ve often thought as I recalled

The lonely times when I was small,

I’d lift my wings and follow play

And swing my early cares away.


Ten thousand timeless heads bobbed in the breeze

And shook in the wind and laughed in the trees,

Amidst delphiniums all blue and pink

I’d wait for that sun to just rise or sink

To seek what hides past that garden wall

Where hollyhocks grew so bright and tall,

There beyond the pulse of nature’s lush

Life slumbered deep in a twilight’s hush.

There’s many a gate in many a wall

That has been childhood’s option to recall

When time’s swift shadow played hide and seek

My simple fears had some courage to speak.


Full many a turn has come about

Since those youthful years pursued by doubt

Where the wishing days of life would be

Bound to each one’s goal with piety.

Now much time has flown and it’s far too late

To play in the yard and swing on the gate,

For the wall is gone and there in its place

Structures of brick with no smiles on their face.

Portals of magic beckon still

With aspirations dreams fulfill,

The useful aim of one’s end should be

Some gate that waits for posterity.


ESCAPADE ( 1960 ) 2013/04/11

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Jaded fancy that takes hope to flight on butterfly wings,

Fluttering threads weaving through fertile imagination,

Webs of gossamer, conceiving frivolous offerings,

Gilded tremors, dreams reflecting furtive consternation,

These are the fabrics of which some fantasies are woven,

To cloak the heart with armor and lifelong balance sustain,

Winging thoughts escaping blatant honesty bespoken,

And thus delicate power of integrity retain.


BOUQUET ( 1963 ) 2013/04/10

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Morning glory, climbing post,

daffodils, bright color boast,

Lady slippers dance about,

lilies of the valley shout

Voices heavy with the scent,

honeysuckle branches bent,

Greeting all the lilacs sweet,

bluebells laughing in retreat,

Spied behind the daisy’s face,

elegance of Queen Anne’s lace,

Forsythia, politely shorn,

trumpet vine sounding her horn,

Bold sunflowers, tall and proud,

tiger lilies in a crowd,

Violets, timid, filling rank,

ivy climbing every bank,

Cockscomb bristling in the wind,

hiding fragrant hyacinth,

Iris marching all around

Mother Nature’s camping ground,

Buttercups in glad array

watch cornflowers gently sway,

Hollyhock stalks, row on row,

nodding clover loosely blow,

Suggesting, while willows wave,

God to man, much beauty gave.


CLOCKS ( 2004 ) 2013/04/05

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The clock that ticks upon the wall

And ornaments my entrance hall

Relates to me in simple ways

How swiftly pass the present days.

Two hands that click away their prime

Will meet at one appointed time

And greeting, pass that way once more

To reach for sky or stretch for floor.

Those hands may touch yet never clasp

They savor time but never grasp

One faithful hour to keep it safe

With seconds lost and minutes waif.



Thus I have learned, because I thought

That clocks have many pleasures brought

But only as they count the space

That waits between each precious place

Wherein resides a loving touch

That dwindles fast and matters much.


PROMISES ( 2007 )

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A promise is a special vow made twixt thee and me

Binding for a certain time within eternity.

Those pledges which have been made in simple entity

Are subject to the common foils plaguing such as we

Lasting but the time we know they share their destiny.

The virtue of a promise that one may fail to see

Is binding with a purpose much steeped in clarity

As we in grace accept friendship’s deepest charity.


Those vows we’ve made with God do work in quiet ways

To ease the barren voids that cloud our trying days,

Some promises will last a hapless lifetime through

When you are gone from me and I’ve forgotten you.

Then as we reach the end of all our boldest dreams

When life is drawing close to finishing it seems

And we are forced to find some irony at last

In faces from the grave and voices from the past.


Rainbows in the sky that promised to remember

Given birth in May now travelled to December,

Deeds bound in fact that neither law nor lief may lift

Then weigh the word and be resolved to keep the gift,

While I queried where I’ve been and wondered who I am

Young Isaac was kept safe because He supplied the ram.



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Hush, be still, quiet and secluded like my heart

Peaceful, calm, aloof, now discern another part,

Hear all the moving noise of early light

Enticing man to conjure thoughts beyond his sight.

There’s a train rushing by, its journey delayed

By the curve of the track and the slope of the glade,

The steady rotor’s drone of planes crisscrossing sky

Intrudes on wistful silence which with night must die.

The air’s filled to the bursting with jubilant song,

Though I can’t see scant one of these where’er they throng.

Unnumbered birds, caterwauling loudly overhead,

Just stirring, constant, seeming brimmed with life instead.

The rustling of the trees alive with phantoms small,

Like neighbors, blatant, gossiping o’er backyard wall.

I find my ears now heavy with the roaring sound

And long to sight these creatures while they leap and bound.



Who knows of such a vivid place as waking days

Alive, with all the movement that the world displays,

Vibrant with all that pulsing power time believes?

Listen and you will hear the growing of the leaves!


SEA TURTLE ( 2003 )

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Shy armadillo of the sea

Lumbersome oaf that hides from me

Graceless and awkward as you move,

Is there some lesson you will prove?

Your dull abode so lacking charm

That keeps your limbs quite safe from harm

Is not a fancy place at all

In fact it’s really rather small.

Tortoise in color, sometimes green

The plainest creature I have seen

Like a lump in a seaweed hill

You dig in sand and lie so still,

There warm yourself in private sun

Until your turn in life is done.

In gentle waves where you belong

You make no sound, you sing no song.


Covered with moss,  barnacles too

You inch along your lifetime through

Dodging rocks too close to a ledge,

You hide beyond the water’s edge.

I wonder now if you do know

About the tides and undertow?

Such a long life leaves me no doubt

You must know what this world’s about.

From your home on the ocean floor

Carelessly you seem to ignore

Those birds in flight that rush around

To swoop and snatch your young aground.

It dawns on me as I watch you pass

Your life resembles an hourglass

Where slowly trickle the sands of time,

You live, but only in pantomime.


DANGER ( 2013 ) 2013/04/04

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Oh, for the things that were now past

Oh for those thoughts that spread too fast

To change our minds in ways so vast

And leave our lives in times aghast.


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