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Wistful windows that long for strangers in the night,

Restless dreams lust to capture fantasy in flight,

Illusion contriving all rank of rebellion

And prowling, seeks other pastures hither and yon.

Restful spaces in which the heart can love again

Belong not just to imagery, vivid or plain,

When leaving love behind, one closes many doors

Breaching other vistas fair caprice explores.

To keep a steady grasp on sensibility

Frequently becomes a friendless calamity,

There are spans when fears rise, increase and terrify

And striving as we might, all judgement nullify,

Direction appears elusively to transit,

Then to find ourselves lost and in our grief expand it.

The gentle soul with sacrifice that seems insane,

The loving heart that begs consistency in vain,

Take heed, those apertures yawn widely in and out

We may overcome them, if we can conquer doubt.

Thus do not cry, venture bids one to try once more

And seeking, find that life and love, as was before.

Forsake thoughts that abide with mock serenity,

Visions of affairs that end in obscenity,

And travel in the realm of never-ending hope,

Of all the lessons taught, the best, learn how to cope.


MY PLEA ( 1998 )

Therese of the Flowers will you help share my load,

May we walk hand in hand by the side of the road?

Can you tarry with me along time’s weary way,

Will you grant me some peace in each troublesome day?


As I bid you good morn, please smile kindly at me

Till my worrisome life in the end is set free.

In the hush of night’s dark when we two softly speak

I sense tears in your eyes and a flush on your cheek.


Oh little Therese as you wait silent and still

I can guess that you’ve tasted life’s cold and death’s chill.

Have pity on me, ease the dull hours of my days

With your sweetest of prayers in the smallest of ways.


Therese of the Flowers help me carry my load

As we walk hand in hand by the side of the road,

You may tarry with me along time’s weary way

Till we rest in God’s arms at the end of His day.


THE LOSER ( 1987 )

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You shout that life is not complete

That all you try meets with defeat,

That everytime you stand up tall

Somebody pushes and you fall,

And yet whenever I have said,

“Please  try again.” you shake your head

And vow tomorrow’s not the day

For you to find another way.

I wonder if you had the chance

You’d even take a second glance,

I think the problem’s not that fate

Has passed you by or come too late,

I’m now convinced that you don’t care

About the things we give and share.

It’s why you halt and will not see

You can’t accept that failure’s free.


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