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FRIENDS ( 1983 ) 2013/04/13

Above the roof and chimney rise

I tend my garden in the skies,

I sleep with stars and wake with sun

Until my way in life is done.

I weep with mist and cry with rain

And live with hope that mellows pain.

I pay my way and now have learned

To value all the friends I’ve earned.

Build me no castle, sing no song

Carry no ill though hurt is strong.

When I’m old and youth’s spark is gone

Walk close beside me here and yon.

Leave me no paths that I must choose

Will me no fortune I may lose.

Unkempt and fledgling is my cure

That wanders oft with faith secure.

I’ve shaped my goals that they may fit

Into a mold with pride on it.


I’m bound to earth by God’s own will

With courage breathing hushed and still.

When to the trembling brink I’m tossed

And wisdom flees, appearing lost

I thank my God on bended knee

That love thus far has sheltered me.



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Sometimes when I am at my ease

A simple odor treads the breeze

And from the past some mem’ry brought

Across my mind in homely thought

That waits upon those childhood days

Where knowledge grows and friendship strays.

I’m not so sure that as I’ve grown

My youthful fears have all but flown,

However names I can’t recall

Will ever plague my portrait wall

And recollections I connote

May brim my eye or catch my throat.


And if I choose to chance forget

Some dream that’s had no ending yet,

One face that lingers on may cling

To fragile moments spread with spring,

Now bearing neither ache nor rage

Becomes the privilege of age.



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Oh mermaid by the fountains edge

There shaded by delinquent hedge,

With naked soul to wind exposed

Remains aloof yet rests composed.

I ponder o’er your endless plight

Forever left just out of sight.

I climb the stair to lonely bed

Through halls with bleak and empty stead.

Raw courage will importance play

Command each night to greet the day.

Abide with calm and peaceful mind

Within the span that time will bind.


This single vigil I must keep

Until my heart slips into sleep

Reminds me of that maid too bare

Whose marble eyes do vacant stare

Into the world to never see

Some ending of futility.


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