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CLOCKS ( 2004 ) 2013/04/05

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The clock that ticks upon the wall

And ornaments my entrance hall

Relates to me in simple ways

How swiftly pass the present days.

Two hands that click away their prime

Will meet at one appointed time

And greeting, pass that way once more

To reach for sky or stretch for floor.

Those hands may touch yet never clasp

They savor time but never grasp

One faithful hour to keep it safe

With seconds lost and minutes waif.



Thus I have learned, because I thought

That clocks have many pleasures brought

But only as they count the space

That waits between each precious place

Wherein resides a loving touch

That dwindles fast and matters much.


PROMISES ( 2007 )

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A promise is a special vow made twixt thee and me

Binding for a certain time within eternity.

Those pledges which have been made in simple entity

Are subject to the common foils plaguing such as we

Lasting but the time we know they share their destiny.

The virtue of a promise that one may fail to see

Is binding with a purpose much steeped in clarity

As we in grace accept friendship’s deepest charity.


Those vows we’ve made with God do work in quiet ways

To ease the barren voids that cloud our trying days,

Some promises will last a hapless lifetime through

When you are gone from me and I’ve forgotten you.

Then as we reach the end of all our boldest dreams

When life is drawing close to finishing it seems

And we are forced to find some irony at last

In faces from the grave and voices from the past.


Rainbows in the sky that promised to remember

Given birth in May now travelled to December,

Deeds bound in fact that neither law nor lief may lift

Then weigh the word and be resolved to keep the gift,

While I queried where I’ve been and wondered who I am

Young Isaac was kept safe because He supplied the ram.



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Hush, be still, quiet and secluded like my heart

Peaceful, calm, aloof, now discern another part,

Hear all the moving noise of early light

Enticing man to conjure thoughts beyond his sight.

There’s a train rushing by, its journey delayed

By the curve of the track and the slope of the glade,

The steady rotor’s drone of planes crisscrossing sky

Intrudes on wistful silence which with night must die.

The air’s filled to the bursting with jubilant song,

Though I can’t see scant one of these where’er they throng.

Unnumbered birds, caterwauling loudly overhead,

Just stirring, constant, seeming brimmed with life instead.

The rustling of the trees alive with phantoms small,

Like neighbors, blatant, gossiping o’er backyard wall.

I find my ears now heavy with the roaring sound

And long to sight these creatures while they leap and bound.



Who knows of such a vivid place as waking days

Alive, with all the movement that the world displays,

Vibrant with all that pulsing power time believes?

Listen and you will hear the growing of the leaves!


SEA TURTLE ( 2003 )

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Shy armadillo of the sea

Lumbersome oaf that hides from me

Graceless and awkward as you move,

Is there some lesson you will prove?

Your dull abode so lacking charm

That keeps your limbs quite safe from harm

Is not a fancy place at all

In fact it’s really rather small.

Tortoise in color, sometimes green

The plainest creature I have seen

Like a lump in a seaweed hill

You dig in sand and lie so still,

There warm yourself in private sun

Until your turn in life is done.

In gentle waves where you belong

You make no sound, you sing no song.


Covered with moss,  barnacles too

You inch along your lifetime through

Dodging rocks too close to a ledge,

You hide beyond the water’s edge.

I wonder now if you do know

About the tides and undertow?

Such a long life leaves me no doubt

You must know what this world’s about.

From your home on the ocean floor

Carelessly you seem to ignore

Those birds in flight that rush around

To swoop and snatch your young aground.

It dawns on me as I watch you pass

Your life resembles an hourglass

Where slowly trickle the sands of time,

You live, but only in pantomime.


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