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CHANGING TEMPEST ( 1979 ) 2013/04/17

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Do you hear the falling rain

Splashing on the window pane

Pelting down in steady beat

Muddy junction where they meet,

Earth and water, lake and sand,

Awesome plight, begging command?

Have you felt a day so bare

Graying sky and whining air,

Bending boughs groaning distress,

Swaying trees blend with the rest?

Not a structure stands aloof

“ Pitter-patter,” cries the roof,

Eave and peak pleading complaint,

Rocky walls bulge with restraint,

Rivers rising where they fall

Protruding ledges cover all

Cringing creatures, great or least

Strangely silent, bird and beast.

Observe the stark windblown trees

Squirrels darting neath their leaves

Their endless chatter ceasing

With nature’s wrath increasing.

A strength and power display

Nothing secret in the way

These bold torrents need unload

Earth and gravel in the road,

Rushing paths fast pursuing

Shallow roots, loss ensuing,

Surging on now fast then slow,

Mid the turmoil as they flow,

Rivlets running to the sea

These lifeless remnants carry.

Have you known a day so bleak

Taking toll, the mild and meek?

Like the tempest of the mind

Fate attacks the just and kind,

Simple creatures fail the test,

Leaving judgement to the rest.




When a flower drops its petals

and its seeds are blown away

And its dry stalks tremble, break

to drop and lie amidst decay,

When a tall tree bends its wide limbs

and its leaves are swept away

Seeking safe and sheltered haven

hence await another day,

When a dream still waits unbidden

as the years have caused delay

And the hopes that fill a young mind

through the years have gone astray

When a heart that’s old and mellow

beats its last and sad farewell

Searching for the final hospice

where the soul at peace may dwell,

When the aims of every lifetime

falter, tarry and dispel

Knowing soon the battle’s over

and its goals have too short fell,

There among these winter feelings

where the hurt will rise and swell,

Face that fleeting day of anger,

sally forth and chance rebel.


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