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LOVE PROVIDES ( 2019 ) 2019/06/16

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A  garden  is  that  special  place

Where hope and fear meet face to face

Where dreams are made or fall apart

And courage wins when tears depart.

An  island  in a  lifelong  storm

Where each must to their strength perform

A  place of peace  where God resides

And  answers  prayers and love  provides !



THE GROWING SOUND ( 2018 ) 2018/07/19

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Do you hear the hum of the growing sound

As nature keeps expanding all around

Or feel the subtle tremors that rebound

From energies released in our surround ?

Can you smell the sweetness of this new ground

Where earth’s nutrients appear to abound

Breathing strength into gully, hill and mound

Producing plants and flowers brightly crowned ?


ROOFTOP GARDEN ( 2016 ) 2016/06/02

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I miss my rooftop garden high

Where God’s winged creatures used to fly

They’d come to visit every day

To sup and drink, flash and display

With chirps and coos and subtle flit

I miss them all, I must admit !


UNSEEN ( 2016 ) 2016/03/06

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The days grow long while nights remain cool

As time approaches, tis April Fool

Too soon all crocus will waste away

To make more room for the buds of May !

As daffodils edge the garden’s path

And the springtime rain gives all a bath

Tis odd to see how the land turns green

With the help of a God who bides unseen !


THE ROSE GARDEN ( 2015 ) 2015/09/10

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There is a special place that I do remember well

It’s full of sweet aromas all wonderful to smell

And there among the roses this bit of heaven rests

A garden in life’s jungle of God’s own treasure chests !


POPPIES ( 1990 ) 2013/05/03

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The poppies in my garden grow with tissue paper arms

Among the weeds they flourish ever bright  and without  scent

Swaying in the nighttime breeze with somewhat seductive charms,

( Such casual beauty, I query where that fragrance went.)

Each petal appearing etched seeming darker at the rim,

A silken floss, I think it’s spun upon a fairy loom.

When every other blossom nods its head in evening’s dim

I find it odd that poppies never sleep or fold their bloom.

The poppy is a special gift full of artful design

Crafted much like the angel’s wings fluttering as they fly,

Woven and wrought by care and love with pageant in each line

Grafted by some magic skill from God’s greenhouse in the sky.


INSIDE THE GARDEN GATE ( 1986 ) 2013/04/12

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There’s a special place that I now recall

Both secret and safe in a garden wall,

Far my favorite space when I was small

Was that wooden gate in the garden wall.

And there beneath that garden way

One million tears were washed away

And drained themselves into the ground

To gain the solace I have found.

When I’ve spied a spot with a hidden door

That may lead to the rest I’m reaching for,

The sight of a hedge by a garden gate

Is the knowledge that mellows oft too late.


One entrance in a crumbling wall

Was childhood’s fancy to recall

While shadows cast upon the ground

Did guard the peace that patience found.

The permanence I ‘d felt inside that gate

Where no words alone could ever relate

In the simple fare of my life would be

Like an endless rope of eternity.

I’ve often thought as I recalled

The lonely times when I was small,

I’d lift my wings and follow play

And swing my early cares away.


Ten thousand timeless heads bobbed in the breeze

And shook in the wind and laughed in the trees,

Amidst delphiniums all blue and pink

I’d wait for that sun to just rise or sink

To seek what hides past that garden wall

Where hollyhocks grew so bright and tall,

There beyond the pulse of nature’s lush

Life slumbered deep in a twilight’s hush.

There’s many a gate in many a wall

That has been childhood’s option to recall

When time’s swift shadow played hide and seek

My simple fears had some courage to speak.


Full many a turn has come about

Since those youthful years pursued by doubt

Where the wishing days of life would be

Bound to each one’s goal with piety.

Now much time has flown and it’s far too late

To play in the yard and swing on the gate,

For the wall is gone and there in its place

Structures of brick with no smiles on their face.

Portals of magic beckon still

With aspirations dreams fulfill,

The useful aim of one’s end should be

Some gate that waits for posterity.


A STATUE IN THE GARDEN ( 1974 ) 2013/02/13

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A garden sweetly fashioned to bring heart’s content,

And weary days to offer cloistered covenant,

Oh sad deserted vestige of what once had been!

A victim of time’s ravages loss unspoken,

Is this the change so wrought by frost and cold,

Forsaking goodly purpose pursue desire bold?


And seeing this past haven sorely so distressed

When hindsight recollects memories embellished,

Poor limpid damsel careless lying, now awry,

The sight of which man’s constant lack of care imply.

Unlucky pedestal tumbled by force unknown

Neglected lass unsightly, clutching wrap of stone

Once pretty maid there wasting shameful stark and bare

Inert and prone, a covert of decay now wear

Unfeeling rocks so greenly cloaked in moss o’ergrown

And so forgotten muse with aging, sleep alone.


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