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BOUQUET ( 1963 ) 2013/04/10

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Morning glory, climbing post,

daffodils, bright color boast,

Lady slippers dance about,

lilies of the valley shout

Voices heavy with the scent,

honeysuckle branches bent,

Greeting all the lilacs sweet,

bluebells laughing in retreat,

Spied behind the daisy’s face,

elegance of Queen Anne’s lace,

Forsythia, politely shorn,

trumpet vine sounding her horn,

Bold sunflowers, tall and proud,

tiger lilies in a crowd,

Violets, timid, filling rank,

ivy climbing every bank,

Cockscomb bristling in the wind,

hiding fragrant hyacinth,

Iris marching all around

Mother Nature’s camping ground,

Buttercups in glad array

watch cornflowers gently sway,

Hollyhock stalks, row on row,

nodding clover loosely blow,

Suggesting, while willows wave,

God to man, much beauty gave.


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