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VALUE ( 1965 ) 2013/04/26

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Like talcum dusted on the ground

Unwelcome sight this morning found.

Those violets dozing on the hill

Awoke to winter’s caustic chill.

And just when nature seemed aright

It crept upon us in the night

Surprising us with springtime snow

And chilling winds that dared to blow.

The swirls fell down in gentle heaps

To linger where the crocus sleeps.

I walked among the frightened blooms

And wished I had a world of rooms

To shelter every tender waif

That seeks someplace to keep him safe.


Time needs a friend when life is cold

And love needs hope as dreams grow old.

Each lonely blossom free from fear

Will flower with a joyous cheer

To flourish in the sunshine’s kiss

And value life’s eternal myths

That promise spring will give new birth

To scores of seeds that earn their worth.


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