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NOTHING REAL ( 2017 ) 2017/08/17

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I hear the sound of marching feet

Parading down lengths of main street

I heard the voice of those who died

With their last breath, they gave us pride.

The earth ran red with their lost blood

The tears they cried were like a flood

One cannot know what they would feel

Or understand there’s nothing real !




NOT WRIT YET ( 2017 ) 2017/02/02

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I wonder if those words I hear

Whispered so softly in my ear

While I am half asleep in bed

And murmurs swirl around my head,

I find I’m caught within this spin

Of all the lines I must fill in.

Sometimes I cannot keep the pace

The words seem to get lost in space

And need a sort of safety net

To catch those thoughts I’ve not writ yet !


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “LA MANCHA” ( 2013 ) 2013/08/19

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For those of us who can remember the “good old days”,  is there a specific command that comes to mind ?  I will share mine, who can recall this ?  “Play nice”.   Of course the old standby “make sure you share” !!  Wouldn’t it be lovely if the world would play nice AND share ?  Could we ask for more, yes, let’s narrow the field to the “Golden Rule” and begin in our own homes.  Now that would be wonderful, the impossible dream !  Cervantes would be elated if he could know the impact of his Don Quixote saga almost 400 years later.  Born in mid 1500’s this poet,  playwright, and author will be remembered for his quixotic hero on his bony steed with his comic sidekick Pancho AND his love for Aldonza.  He did not garner laurels in his lifetime,  some of his craft unpublished until the 18th century !   But a great man who is beyond our ever forgetting, his death not unlike that of his hero.  The music he “inspired”  sometimes sings in my head and reminds me that allegory can be a powerful tool like the man who fought windmills !  Have you seen the great works of art he inspired ?  Has he inspired you ?  Me too.

Sincerely,                      Claire B. 




MY NANA ( 1945 ) 2013/06/11


I’ve loved you God since I was small

Because my Nana told me so.

I loved you when I grew quite tall

And heard the stories I now know.

Because she said you did it all

With kindness and a loving heart

And meant the world to heed your call

To love each other from the start.

I wish I’d learned how not to stall

I’ve tried to follow where you go

The path is long most seem to fall

I know, my Nana told me so.


MORNING SOUNDS ( 1965 ) 2013/04/05

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Hush, be still, quiet and secluded like my heart

Peaceful, calm, aloof, now discern another part,

Hear all the moving noise of early light

Enticing man to conjure thoughts beyond his sight.

There’s a train rushing by, its journey delayed

By the curve of the track and the slope of the glade,

The steady rotor’s drone of planes crisscrossing sky

Intrudes on wistful silence which with night must die.

The air’s filled to the bursting with jubilant song,

Though I can’t see scant one of these where’er they throng.

Unnumbered birds, caterwauling loudly overhead,

Just stirring, constant, seeming brimmed with life instead.

The rustling of the trees alive with phantoms small,

Like neighbors, blatant, gossiping o’er backyard wall.

I find my ears now heavy with the roaring sound

And long to sight these creatures while they leap and bound.



Who knows of such a vivid place as waking days

Alive, with all the movement that the world displays,

Vibrant with all that pulsing power time believes?

Listen and you will hear the growing of the leaves!


MATURITY ( 1978 ) 2013/02/22

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There’s a trembling in my heart, a quivering in my hand,

Just the slightest hint of swirling fluttering where I stand,

A surging rushing  warmth flowing to my utmost parts,

Confusion o’ercoming me with flushing stops and starts,

A headiness and joy that seems now overbearing

Throbbing with desire, timeless thrill beyond comparing,

A timid fascination with thoughts that breathe unreal,

Perchance to open hidden doors and to my heart appeal.

To know that I have passed the age of recognition

With halting hope to dare enthralling expedition

Into the realm I dreamt beyond my aspiration,

There bask in subtle wisps of tender adulation,

To grasp for fleeting time, life’s mute love, morsels glowing

Gentle years no more alone, abide with grace bestowing.


COLOR ( 1963 ) 2013/02/20

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Pink and blue and maize and white

Shades of green from dark to light

Colors bathed with sunshine bright

Cheerful rainbow of delight,

Their bold brilliance blinding me

For it’s all the eye can see

Beauty fair reminding me

Of God’s massive pageantry.


See love and care, row on row

Flowers in a garden grow

Showing us the scant we know

Of things above, things below.

For this earth’s been gayly crowned

Blessings flow and wealth abound,


Flourish both with sight and sound

In display born of the ground.

When you look upon the hill

Laugh with each glad daffodil

Absorb the joyous sight until

Both heart and mind wax ever still.


IMAGES ( 1986 ) 2013/02/06

Some grotesque images now cast upon an eerie wall

Do lend an unconscious foreboding to an empty hall

And conjured ghostly shadows that breathed very long ago

When sunlight filled every corner of the timid ego

Within which dwelt the lonely distance that life’s runner goes

Around that course the mind must pause to find if merit chose.

Sometimes in later days, our shadows fall here on the ground

To waste away because no useful purpose has been found

And cultures shaded by distorted views that lie in wait

Awake to grim reminders that success arrives too late,

While lifetimes spent in searching for that one beginning start

Find it at last when all time’s happenings desert the heart.


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