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BLESSINGS ( 2013 ) 2013/04/23


Oftimes when I am lying at my ease

Upon some chaise as quiet as you please

Along the sandy shore that comforts me

With warming winds beside the restless sea

I contemplate the peace that aging brings

While bearing wisdom on its learned wings.

Asleep beneath the stars and moon above

Under the spell of some enduring love

And there the beauty that I sought and knew

Still shimmered and spun the whole night through

While God Himself seemed to smile on us all

By spreading His blessings both large and small.


FREE ( 1991 )

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I look upon a leafy bed

And wonder why the leaves are dead,

I look upon a stormy sky

And wonder why the birds won’t fly,

I see a tired human face

And wonder if he takes up space,

I question whether time grows old

And why the length of love must mold,

Why flowers turn to face the sun

Then disappear when growing’s done.

The simple ways still seem the best

They supercede the foolish rest,

Perhaps with years we’ve come to know

That fortune follows as we sow.


Though oft I’d sought another place

And sometimes thought I’d lost the race,

Faint melody soon pricked my ears

And cast aside my hidden fears.

Now lately, as my life turns round

And echoes with its closing sound,

One grateful thought does fill my mind,

With age, my passion waxes kind.

I’ve spent this life as best I knew

And lived my hopes as dreamers do,

I’ve known the world the wishful see

And bless my fate that now I’m free.


JUDGEMENT ( 2013 )

The swiftly graying darkly coursing sky

Does play upon my fickle inner eye

And bares a mystery both stark and bold

That speaks to me of long lost dreams untold.

These dreams I thought had flown so far away.

Yet seeming near, had somehow lost their way.


Some fringed and faded shadows left behind

Shedding aged reflection as they unwind

What had once been I recognised anew

And purpose wrought with aim and course so true.

The passion in my heart that won’t decline

A hungry yearning that I can’t define

The dreaming in my mind that cannot fade

A hard decision that I have not made

The longing in my soul that will not wane

A quest for meaning that I’ve failed to gain.


And there among the past that wastes away

Find sad remains of yet another day

One unknown force that placed the founding stone

Has willed this legacy to us alone.

There in the night with truth possessed and sown

Who by their fruits at last shall they be known.


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