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ON BEING AT THE SEASHORE ( 1983 ) 2013/07/06

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This barren rocky precipice that waits beside the sea

And rims the sand’s circumference that is earth’s boundary,

In vivid fascination I do watch with searching eyes

That must scan the water’s surface until it meets the skies,

And where e’er my view dost light, be it simple face or plain

I discern that same wonder which pretends no small explain

Yet does add some mixed texture to the portrait that I find

Bearing just one signature in a likeness of the mind.

Why then is man thus drawn to the countenance of the sea,

Why does he sit there silent as one rapt in reverie?


Can it be that life is all and he merely questions why

As his vision sometimes dims and his wings refuse to fly?

Engaging in that foray which will mark his holy quest

To seek another reason fore he casts aside the rest,

Chance uncover misted veils that have cloaked his destiny

At last to comprehend the ocean’s deep complexity.



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Wistful windows that long for strangers in the night,

Restless dreams lust to capture fantasy in flight,

Illusion contriving all rank of rebellion

And prowling, seeks other pastures hither and yon.

Restful spaces in which the heart can love again

Belong not just to imagery, vivid or plain,

When leaving love behind, one closes many doors

Breaching other vistas fair caprice explores.

To keep a steady grasp on sensibility

Frequently becomes a friendless calamity,

There are spans when fears rise, increase and terrify

And striving as we might, all judgement nullify,

Direction appears elusively to transit,

Then to find ourselves lost and in our grief expand it.

The gentle soul with sacrifice that seems insane,

The loving heart that begs consistency in vain,

Take heed, those apertures yawn widely in and out

We may overcome them, if we can conquer doubt.

Thus do not cry, venture bids one to try once more

And seeking, find that life and love, as was before.

Forsake thoughts that abide with mock serenity,

Visions of affairs that end in obscenity,

And travel in the realm of never-ending hope,

Of all the lessons taught, the best, learn how to cope.


BOUQUET ( 1963 ) 2013/04/10

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Morning glory, climbing post,

daffodils, bright color boast,

Lady slippers dance about,

lilies of the valley shout

Voices heavy with the scent,

honeysuckle branches bent,

Greeting all the lilacs sweet,

bluebells laughing in retreat,

Spied behind the daisy’s face,

elegance of Queen Anne’s lace,

Forsythia, politely shorn,

trumpet vine sounding her horn,

Bold sunflowers, tall and proud,

tiger lilies in a crowd,

Violets, timid, filling rank,

ivy climbing every bank,

Cockscomb bristling in the wind,

hiding fragrant hyacinth,

Iris marching all around

Mother Nature’s camping ground,

Buttercups in glad array

watch cornflowers gently sway,

Hollyhock stalks, row on row,

nodding clover loosely blow,

Suggesting, while willows wave,

God to man, much beauty gave.


CLOCKS ( 2004 ) 2013/04/05

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The clock that ticks upon the wall

And ornaments my entrance hall

Relates to me in simple ways

How swiftly pass the present days.

Two hands that click away their prime

Will meet at one appointed time

And greeting, pass that way once more

To reach for sky or stretch for floor.

Those hands may touch yet never clasp

They savor time but never grasp

One faithful hour to keep it safe

With seconds lost and minutes waif.



Thus I have learned, because I thought

That clocks have many pleasures brought

But only as they count the space

That waits between each precious place

Wherein resides a loving touch

That dwindles fast and matters much.


PROMISES ( 2007 )

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A promise is a special vow made twixt thee and me

Binding for a certain time within eternity.

Those pledges which have been made in simple entity

Are subject to the common foils plaguing such as we

Lasting but the time we know they share their destiny.

The virtue of a promise that one may fail to see

Is binding with a purpose much steeped in clarity

As we in grace accept friendship’s deepest charity.


Those vows we’ve made with God do work in quiet ways

To ease the barren voids that cloud our trying days,

Some promises will last a hapless lifetime through

When you are gone from me and I’ve forgotten you.

Then as we reach the end of all our boldest dreams

When life is drawing close to finishing it seems

And we are forced to find some irony at last

In faces from the grave and voices from the past.


Rainbows in the sky that promised to remember

Given birth in May now travelled to December,

Deeds bound in fact that neither law nor lief may lift

Then weigh the word and be resolved to keep the gift,

While I queried where I’ve been and wondered who I am

Young Isaac was kept safe because He supplied the ram.



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Hush, be still, quiet and secluded like my heart

Peaceful, calm, aloof, now discern another part,

Hear all the moving noise of early light

Enticing man to conjure thoughts beyond his sight.

There’s a train rushing by, its journey delayed

By the curve of the track and the slope of the glade,

The steady rotor’s drone of planes crisscrossing sky

Intrudes on wistful silence which with night must die.

The air’s filled to the bursting with jubilant song,

Though I can’t see scant one of these where’er they throng.

Unnumbered birds, caterwauling loudly overhead,

Just stirring, constant, seeming brimmed with life instead.

The rustling of the trees alive with phantoms small,

Like neighbors, blatant, gossiping o’er backyard wall.

I find my ears now heavy with the roaring sound

And long to sight these creatures while they leap and bound.



Who knows of such a vivid place as waking days

Alive, with all the movement that the world displays,

Vibrant with all that pulsing power time believes?

Listen and you will hear the growing of the leaves!


JOURNEY ( 2013 ) 2013/03/14

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If I should pass this way no more

Or leave my life on foreign shore

Or cast my lot away before

The tempest and the wind’s great roar

Will filch away my soul’s encore

Then I will come this way no more.


If I but pass this way once more

Through tall and trembling grassy shore

With winds that reap capricious lore

And seasons flush as were before

To yet again my faith restore

Then I may pass this way once more.


If I can’t pass here as before

If all my deeds should fail to score

And wisdom’s love has lost its core

Then I won’t pass this way once more

Unless I find the strength to soar

Above all this forever more.


MATURITY ( 1978 ) 2013/02/22

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There’s a trembling in my heart, a quivering in my hand,

Just the slightest hint of swirling fluttering where I stand,

A surging rushing  warmth flowing to my utmost parts,

Confusion o’ercoming me with flushing stops and starts,

A headiness and joy that seems now overbearing

Throbbing with desire, timeless thrill beyond comparing,

A timid fascination with thoughts that breathe unreal,

Perchance to open hidden doors and to my heart appeal.

To know that I have passed the age of recognition

With halting hope to dare enthralling expedition

Into the realm I dreamt beyond my aspiration,

There bask in subtle wisps of tender adulation,

To grasp for fleeting time, life’s mute love, morsels glowing

Gentle years no more alone, abide with grace bestowing.


COLOR ( 1963 ) 2013/02/20

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Pink and blue and maize and white

Shades of green from dark to light

Colors bathed with sunshine bright

Cheerful rainbow of delight,

Their bold brilliance blinding me

For it’s all the eye can see

Beauty fair reminding me

Of God’s massive pageantry.


See love and care, row on row

Flowers in a garden grow

Showing us the scant we know

Of things above, things below.

For this earth’s been gayly crowned

Blessings flow and wealth abound,


Flourish both with sight and sound

In display born of the ground.

When you look upon the hill

Laugh with each glad daffodil

Absorb the joyous sight until

Both heart and mind wax ever still.



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This juncture in time converging slowly with pride

To sort out the goals that are rebelling inside,

Emotional waves flooding the vision obscure

Mediocrity blames an environ demure,

For truth be it known dwindles and fades forbidden

Like the sun from the eyes by a storm cloud hidden.

To seek what is real a task worth compelling

With a righteous anger rising and swelling,

That choice which is made with its judgement deriving

From the depth of the heart and object surviving.


To settle for less, but continue existing

With an absolute will and madness resisting,

Or to strive for a course which endows not our aim

And lies beyond the reach of skills from which we came

Thus find this brief want an indelicate desire,

Arrogant thought amiss, in our race to aspire,

Zealously working in a manner fulfilling,

Escape not the ruse with the subject unwilling.

An apparition that clings to motive intense,

This spectre of a dream persists in seeming sense

Yet knowing in the end, we chose a path unreal

With a wish to consume and the need to conceal.


Hence, settling for less with a passion abounding

Accepting a road steeped in safety astounding

Reaching a moment of decision too callous,

Reality demands truth, bred without malice,

To desert that hope for which we struggled too long

And so seek out a place where our cares can belong.

It’s a delicate ghost of this longing we share

That we’ll call second best adapt, rather than dare,

And stand before the signpost, caution force delay,

Crossroads of our lives can our weaknesses betray.


PREJUDICE ( 1954 )

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Little children, tan and white,

Helpless infants, black and brown,

Colored skins, from dark to light,

East to west, both up and down,

God’s small creatures, one and all,

Born without a hint of hate,

As they grow, some short, some tall,

Learn too fast, aware too late.


TRAVELER ( 1974 )

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It’s a hazy colored sky I see,

longing to be home, once more freely

To bathe again in the warm sunlight

and in our horizon  blue delight.

Far borders call as distant shore sings,

“Come fly away on light fairy wings.”

Then scan magic coasts of foreign lands,

enjoy subtle tides with shifting sands,

Share bold sights of untold magnitude,

traverse worlds that dwell in solitude!

Oh, weary traveler, why so pale?

Seek yet other scenes with mount and vale,

Trek many a mile with lonely heart,

to find each end akin to the start.

Yonder we search and hither we go,

floss on the breeze, the winds do us blow.

In our quest for the wisdom we seek,

truths that exist have not power to speak,

When this wayward wanderer needs rest,

remember, home remains still the best.



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Speak gentle words and kindly words and words of heart’s content

Speak tender words and honest words and words of love well meant,

Tell softly in the shadows, and whisper in the rain,

With gladness when there’s laughter, in silence when there’s pain.

For words when steeped in passion, as arrows carry grief,

Fall harsh upon the hearing as wicked as a thief.

Though time, the faithful healer wil mend the broken bone

For illness of the wounded heart, no cure by man be known.


Within the limits of man’s lifespan, very brief indeed,

He’s given the tools to guide him, to fail or to succeed,

And among the very least of these was the gracious gift

Of voice with the magic power to love, and laugh, and lift.

And in all justice fairly, in the truth of every word,

Will the merit of each man, in finality be heard.


IDEALS ( 1956 )

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Of might and men and giant things

Or repasts set for lordly kings

In all of this I disavow

These luxuries but one allow

To bide with me and be content

My life in joy thus it be spent.

With man’s best morsel to indulge

That life its good, time will divulge.

Of kind and gentle beings see

Grow with its own posterity.

Enlikened to sage words and true

The calmer days thus to pursue,

Within life’s rise be satisfied

With conquests met and love implied.


To bear the yoke, humanity

To strive with pride and vanity

And not be bested by the two

Keep heart within the mind’s eye view

To count the days within recall

Wherein love’s gentle tear did fall

And not forget the times long past

When kindness shew’d its tender cast.

Let man be such among all men

The bearer of but good omen,

A friend to all, in deed a friend

For all to sadden at his end,

Yet none lament his passing ways

Dwell he among the lost we praise.


This be the will I grave for me

May friends as these but number three

My mother who now gray and old,

Retains the will to chide and scold

As often did in times gone by,

Yet loving me she would e’en die,

A mate with whom years swiftly pass

As shadows in the looking glass

Who’ll walk with me on God’s green earth

Accept me for my human worth,

( Breathe not a word about my faults)

Whose tender smile my heart exalts,

The little child with loving care

That God has deemed my life to share.

For awkward though the times may prove


And grief my eyes to sadness move,

Yet still a song to gladness sing

For all the joy life mayhaps bring,

What need have we but nought to fare

With courage strong, and so declare

Within the gates of this recluse

Here lives the gift men fear to lose.

It wills the beggar scorn a crown

And molds a smile of each man’s frown,

One strives to buy with Midas’ gold

Once bought a gift one cannot hold,

Elusive nymph where do you flee

Why dwell thou in such poverty?


Of all the gems for which we’ve paid

And all the plans that man has made,

( Too many ofttimes gone astray)

Of all of this man cannot say

Within his soul, if truth compel

That life with him in fullness dwell

And fear he not a lonely end,

Nor peace abide without a friend.

For all the goods that man shall strive

To keep him warm and safe, alive

Are but to ease his body’s need,

The will of which to supersede

That man is more than gainful goal,

He’s heart and mind and kindred soul.


THE SPARROW ( 1963 )

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I know not much of sparrow’s wings

I’ve never heard the song she sings

But as I peek through window blind

Her modest ways bring thought to mind.


This little bird without a care

Abides above, I know not where

Upon the limb of some tall tree

Beyond the sight and reach of me.


There’s not a day that passes by

That I don’t see an hundred fly

Across the fields and in the yard

Their homely wings all beating hard.


Oh,little bird, with heart intense

Within this world you’ve small defense

Your timid ways and lack of beauty

Spoil’d not your kindred sense of duty.


Do you know that I’ve looked outside

On days when other creatures hide

To find the perky sparrow knows

Where hides the smallest seed God grows.


While other birds do southward fly

When snowclouds start to rim the sky

Brave little soul, you do not flee

But winter here with frost and me.


Of all the wisdom time has brought

I’m grateful for this lesson taught

The one that most impresses me,

Dear bird survives with dignity.



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“ The fretful thing about this life

that we must tarry in its place

Await the long and frugal strife

‘fore we may revel in time’s grace,

The promises we’ve counted on

far-fetched though it perchance seems

Shall be withheld from us anon

that we may fight to capture dreams

And struggling fain thus to produce

 the best which bideth within us

Of fortune’s fancy free and loose,

to strive for grasping valor plus,

And all of this discreetly met

rise to collect thy laurels green,

Long wilted may they be and yet

the battle’s won with fates unseen.”


“ What more have need we of this goal

or plaque which will commemorate

Speak nought of effort or of toll

nor industry shall we berate,

Enlarge not on the battle’s cost

or of force with us competing,

The lesson learned cannot be lost

though it ofttimes bears repeating,

That beauty of a task well done

doth bear its own rewarding fee,

And faith in all, a battle won

will glory share accordingly.”



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‘ Neath my window a rock wall sits

With hidden doors and window slits,

Replete with active teeming sound

Vast citadel beneath the ground,

That harbouring foreign lifestyle

Wherein performed dull task worthwhile.

I count the species large and small

Barely some I can see at all,

Dirtbound hordes reckless and gleaning,

Through small channels rapid streaming,

The weariness of numbers grows

Past my fingers, beyond my toes.


I query do they toil by night

How do they see without sunlight,

My thoughts grow restless and weary

To fathom such deep mystery.

Oh grub, and worm, and ant, and bee

You are great wonderment to me,

This feeding place for hungry bird

No din of war or hatred heard

What do you know of compromise

In your safe sheltered paradise?


DAY TO DAY ( 1953 )

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Oh, wearisome flesh, that tires of life

Struggling this way with unbudging strife

A lonely task filled with loveless dismay

Discouraging thoughts wake pacing each day.

Active minds dealing in lifestyle mundane

Surviving practice with actions inane

Leaving nought of power and grace as such

Neither ladders to climb nor stars to touch.

While fantasy speaks, our need to fulfill

Believe peace begins at the crest of the hill

Just a pleasant cot by the roadside’s bend

With the warming fire and the faithful friend.

Each man dreams and it plagues his waking hours

Like hummingbirds whisp’ring to wilted flowers

Of unbound contentment, paramount joy,

A tinge of delight, indelicate ploy

Those masters of freedom, telling us true

Encourage your heart, its wish to pursue

To mayhaps find some other simple way

Live with self-respect merely day to day.



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Winter winds of unkind passion,

Rushing on rude in your fashion

Hurry, scurry, leaving your chill

Breath catching, harshly cold and still.

Like the winter winds of my life

Hurrying on riddled with strife

Leaving me, season gone, love cold,

Breathing thoughts rife with desire old.


Wailing wind make way new pursuit,

Failing time deceive mind astute

Press on, undo encroaching frost

Courage and warmth now seeming lost.

Another time to thaw the bind

That chains the heart to wit unkind

For to the year there are seasons

And to my life, left but reason.


Cringe not in fear of hidden things

Daring sport this harsh season brings,

Watch raging wind blow brash and bold,

My youth unflung, my dream untold.

Like those winter winds of my mind

Huddling close lest bleak time should find

Could we but loneliness endure,

Had seen a sheltered cove secure.


While winter winds, though hard they blow

Make empty sounds, with loving flow

Into the sea with hope unbent

To speak of yearning’s discontent.

Let season brake on wisdom known,

And whittle reeds on challenge grown,

Thus live ones time with purpose strong

And to the race of strength belong.


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