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ON BEING AT THE SEASHORE ( 1983 ) 2013/07/06

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This barren rocky precipice that waits beside the sea

And rims the sand’s circumference that is earth’s boundary,

In vivid fascination I do watch with searching eyes

That must scan the water’s surface until it meets the skies,

And where e’er my view dost light, be it simple face or plain

I discern that same wonder which pretends no small explain

Yet does add some mixed texture to the portrait that I find

Bearing just one signature in a likeness of the mind.

Why then is man thus drawn to the countenance of the sea,

Why does he sit there silent as one rapt in reverie?


Can it be that life is all and he merely questions why

As his vision sometimes dims and his wings refuse to fly?

Engaging in that foray which will mark his holy quest

To seek another reason fore he casts aside the rest,

Chance uncover misted veils that have cloaked his destiny

At last to comprehend the ocean’s deep complexity.



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Wistful windows that long for strangers in the night,

Restless dreams lust to capture fantasy in flight,

Illusion contriving all rank of rebellion

And prowling, seeks other pastures hither and yon.

Restful spaces in which the heart can love again

Belong not just to imagery, vivid or plain,

When leaving love behind, one closes many doors

Breaching other vistas fair caprice explores.

To keep a steady grasp on sensibility

Frequently becomes a friendless calamity,

There are spans when fears rise, increase and terrify

And striving as we might, all judgement nullify,

Direction appears elusively to transit,

Then to find ourselves lost and in our grief expand it.

The gentle soul with sacrifice that seems insane,

The loving heart that begs consistency in vain,

Take heed, those apertures yawn widely in and out

We may overcome them, if we can conquer doubt.

Thus do not cry, venture bids one to try once more

And seeking, find that life and love, as was before.

Forsake thoughts that abide with mock serenity,

Visions of affairs that end in obscenity,

And travel in the realm of never-ending hope,

Of all the lessons taught, the best, learn how to cope.


BOUQUET ( 1963 ) 2013/04/10

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Morning glory, climbing post,

daffodils, bright color boast,

Lady slippers dance about,

lilies of the valley shout

Voices heavy with the scent,

honeysuckle branches bent,

Greeting all the lilacs sweet,

bluebells laughing in retreat,

Spied behind the daisy’s face,

elegance of Queen Anne’s lace,

Forsythia, politely shorn,

trumpet vine sounding her horn,

Bold sunflowers, tall and proud,

tiger lilies in a crowd,

Violets, timid, filling rank,

ivy climbing every bank,

Cockscomb bristling in the wind,

hiding fragrant hyacinth,

Iris marching all around

Mother Nature’s camping ground,

Buttercups in glad array

watch cornflowers gently sway,

Hollyhock stalks, row on row,

nodding clover loosely blow,

Suggesting, while willows wave,

God to man, much beauty gave.


CLOCKS ( 2004 ) 2013/04/05

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The clock that ticks upon the wall

And ornaments my entrance hall

Relates to me in simple ways

How swiftly pass the present days.

Two hands that click away their prime

Will meet at one appointed time

And greeting, pass that way once more

To reach for sky or stretch for floor.

Those hands may touch yet never clasp

They savor time but never grasp

One faithful hour to keep it safe

With seconds lost and minutes waif.



Thus I have learned, because I thought

That clocks have many pleasures brought

But only as they count the space

That waits between each precious place

Wherein resides a loving touch

That dwindles fast and matters much.


PROMISES ( 2007 )

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A promise is a special vow made twixt thee and me

Binding for a certain time within eternity.

Those pledges which have been made in simple entity

Are subject to the common foils plaguing such as we

Lasting but the time we know they share their destiny.

The virtue of a promise that one may fail to see

Is binding with a purpose much steeped in clarity

As we in grace accept friendship’s deepest charity.


Those vows we’ve made with God do work in quiet ways

To ease the barren voids that cloud our trying days,

Some promises will last a hapless lifetime through

When you are gone from me and I’ve forgotten you.

Then as we reach the end of all our boldest dreams

When life is drawing close to finishing it seems

And we are forced to find some irony at last

In faces from the grave and voices from the past.


Rainbows in the sky that promised to remember

Given birth in May now travelled to December,

Deeds bound in fact that neither law nor lief may lift

Then weigh the word and be resolved to keep the gift,

While I queried where I’ve been and wondered who I am

Young Isaac was kept safe because He supplied the ram.



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Hush, be still, quiet and secluded like my heart

Peaceful, calm, aloof, now discern another part,

Hear all the moving noise of early light

Enticing man to conjure thoughts beyond his sight.

There’s a train rushing by, its journey delayed

By the curve of the track and the slope of the glade,

The steady rotor’s drone of planes crisscrossing sky

Intrudes on wistful silence which with night must die.

The air’s filled to the bursting with jubilant song,

Though I can’t see scant one of these where’er they throng.

Unnumbered birds, caterwauling loudly overhead,

Just stirring, constant, seeming brimmed with life instead.

The rustling of the trees alive with phantoms small,

Like neighbors, blatant, gossiping o’er backyard wall.

I find my ears now heavy with the roaring sound

And long to sight these creatures while they leap and bound.



Who knows of such a vivid place as waking days

Alive, with all the movement that the world displays,

Vibrant with all that pulsing power time believes?

Listen and you will hear the growing of the leaves!


JOURNEY ( 2013 ) 2013/03/14

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If I should pass this way no more

Or leave my life on foreign shore

Or cast my lot away before

The tempest and the wind’s great roar

Will filch away my soul’s encore

Then I will come this way no more.


If I but pass this way once more

Through tall and trembling grassy shore

With winds that reap capricious lore

And seasons flush as were before

To yet again my faith restore

Then I may pass this way once more.


If I can’t pass here as before

If all my deeds should fail to score

And wisdom’s love has lost its core

Then I won’t pass this way once more

Unless I find the strength to soar

Above all this forever more.


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