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INTO THE BREACH ( 2013 ) 2013/10/24

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The night is cool and the wind is swift

As the breezes spin and twirl and lift

Reaching far above the chimneys rise

Into the breach between earth and skies.

Where does it lead as we make our way

What will we do there, what can we say ?

Searching the hearts of one another

We’ve still wisdom left to uncover,

It’s crucial to pause when growing old

Keep images clear and courage bold

Accepting lifes role doing our best

Waiting in line, Gods ultimate test !


FALLACY ( 2013 ) 2013/07/20

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All of my life I have been told
There is no cure for growing old
It’s just the sum of all we’ve known
Of words we’ve said and deeds we’ve sown.
Tis sad to think we leave this race
About the time we find our pace
Without some help we can’t be sure
And so my dear seems there’s no cure
Except wherein we bid goodbye
When we’ve been told ’tis time to die.

Wild elephants just trudge the way
To where their tusks and bones do lay
Since we are sage and civilized
Our resting place is canonized.


GOODBYE (2013) 2013/06/16

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The beauty of aging is the peace that it brings

And the visions of life bearing hope on its wings

Like the wind in the trees in a timeless embrace

Caressing the dreams shining bright on this pale face.

So we travel along while expecting not much

Just the hint of a smile and the joy of a touch

With a wave of the hand and a quiet “good night”

As the eyes close in sleep “tis the end of the flight !


GETTING OLD ( 2013 ) 2013/06/11

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As I scurry about my daily plan

Rapidly rushing as fast as I can

A miraculous thing for one so old

It’s a job to warm my bones in the cold.

And if you don’t think that’s a chore itself

With a grunt and a groan, reach for a shelf

When your body’s progressed to this late stage

Folks give you a seat because of your age.


I laugh when I think that’s where I am at

I recall the days when men tipped their hat

Now they raise their hand ’til you cross the way

And wish you a greeting, ” Have a safe day ! ”

Whoever thought that I’d wind up like this

Just an old lady surviving with bliss?


AGING ( 2005 ) 2013/04/12

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I’ve lately learned to live within the prison of my mind

That bars an entrance to some foolish pleasures I may find.

Here functions stalwart guardian deflecting thoughts intense

Erecting varied walls that strive to work for my defense,

Like a thousand rolling caissons exploding on a hill

Destroying all the silence that blankets my calm and still,

( Thunder shouting with an angry roar, one horrendous sight

Enlarging on the flimsy grasp of my tenacious plight.)

And now I do begin to understand that within me

Abides a force beyond control that shapes my destiny.


Where I have been before, that I remember clearly now

Vague and familiar paths that I have trod with time endowed,

While waning aspirations in discretion plainly sealed,

With wanting knew defeat but in forgetting, rapid healed?

I’ve sped to numerous places and never more alone

Than when I covered all those miles that had persistent grown

For man’s not free as a bird whose wings and heart do follow

The jaded pattern of the past like consistent swallow,

A humble place that rested within sight of waking eye

To leave no lasting memory when only passing by.


However haunting be the thought that we’ve already seen

The best and worst life offers us with simple space  between,

The aging heart knows sorrow that dwells with repetition

Harboring unruly thoughts that border on sedition.

The push and the pull of necessity which pursues me

And fills the trembling hours with boundless days that restless be

To wonder if some reason can be found ere I depart

Or  am I forced to exist with never another start?

This lonely hope, once awakened, here cradles discontent

Of years and times that shallow youth, with wasted aim misspent.


I comprehend that life drones on though all excitement’s flown

And wallows in contentments small that from resentment’s grown.

Perhaps then ‘tis wiser rejecting goals that reach too high,

Discarding dreams still searching for a rainbow in each sky,

The result of aging, which begins with maturity

Is a final wisdom that concludes in obscurity.


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