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HYPOCRISY ( 2013 ) 2013/06/13

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I used to be married to this person I know

I must say that it was such a long time ago.

Perhaps had been better if a stranger were he

Unless one of us moves seems I’ll never be free

We live in this small town that’s only one mile square

If I shop in a store you can bet he’ll be there.

It has been forty long years since we shared a home

Much nicer this way as we are each on our own.


And now we are friends and can casually chat

About family and such, about this and that.

It’s been a long road the healing did not come quick

Looks like fate had a laugh and has played us a trick.

So here we are approaching the end of the trail

With our egos intact and a marriage that failed !



EULOGY ( 1968 ) 2013/06/05

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Glitter tinsel bright and gold

Shimmer lantern white and old

My father’s face, the frown he wore

The visage seen from long before,

The namesake not at all alike

Comparing man and tiny tyke,

Had hoped to be but some akin

Again that we delight in him,

But not yet so nor ever be

That any, all, should be as he.


What are we that we leave but nought

Of what we’ve been or might have thought?

Seems all that’s left e’er we depart

Are mem’ries dim in aging heart,

A stone to recollect the day

We came and that we passed away.

A pittance small for life’s demand

A wage not worthy of command.


The moral in this wretched thought

That time can neither hide nor fraught,

Is simple in its elegance

A matter of small eloquence

The one impact to which we’re heir

While most unjust and too unfair,

‘Tis seeming most depraved to think,

We stand, we tremble on the brink

We come and go both heart and mind

And never leave a trace behind.


BIG LITTLE MEN ( 1959 ) 2013/05/25

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My little men are playing hard

their jumbled shrieks of glee

Will prove an ever constant source

of wonderment to me.

It is not meet that we should know

of all the words they speak

For half the joy of their long day

are secrets they need keep.

And in their world of little men

where adults cannot be

All men are brave and strong and good

in faith, they’re not yet three.


DATELINE : Hoboken, New Jersey, USA ” HERO ” ( 2013 ) 2013/05/21

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Am I correct in believing that Brokaw called my era the “ Greatest Generation” ?  ( My mother bought me that book.)  I spent more than 76 years of my life in “ incredibly “ close proximity to my mom, she was my “hero” !  I miss her everyday and live by the simple rules she valued.  In German it was : Kirche, Kinder, Kochin, “loosely”  translated into … God, family, duty !  Not a bad goal.


Claire B.


HYPOTHESIS ( 1977 ) 2013/05/19

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Oh, foolish dreamer, you lonely child,

They gave you a hope, and you ran wild

In fields of joy and gardens of laughter,

Simple girl, you forgot what comes after

The rain of a late summer’s discontent,

However much meaningful or well meant

He will return to the world of his past,

Deserting you first, remembering last

That you held his hand through the troubled days

And you kissed his tears, through your misted gaze,

But in their flight, most men are little boys,

And gentle girls become discarded toys.


THE CLOWN ( 1946 ) 2013/05/18

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Ah, Pierrot, what pale tear doth rest upon thy cheek

And lingers there while thou hast not the tongue to speak

To quell this agony within thy breast that swells

Not either strength to leave nor voice to thy love tell?

Hence thou dost act each night a role that hath no end

To veil thy life without one lover or one friend.

T’would be the love for whom you’ve pined yet been denied

Dost sense not hour , day nor year through which thou hast cried.

Thus as this force continued on in weary grief

Thou garnered not the halting grace it must to leave.

But made thyself a servant silent to her will

And like some mindless fool forever loved her still.


SUNDOWN ( 1949 )

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The tide has gone, how cool the night

It’s ebb has passed, now dims the light

Drift wood alone remains for me

The single task which must now be

To build again this life to share

With splintered fragments of repair.

Lost memories like shattered dreams

Fill water into running streams

Receding tides, crumbling castles

Consuming waves leave only ashes. 


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