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DATELINE: Hoboken, NJ USA “NIGHTINGALES” ( 2013 ) 2013/07/07

In 1945, I stumbled upon a poem, “Transcience” by a poet, Sarojini Naidu.  I was unaware that she was a woman or that she was so very special.  However, my hungry mind gravitated to her incredible thoughts and words.  In my effort to commit them to memory, I devised a plan by using the first 4 words of each of 3 stanzas and it worked.  “Nay, do not grieve, Nay do not pine, Nay, do not weep,”  now here we are almost 70 years later and with this single device I am able to recall that piece without hesitation.  I find that time has not diminished its value or the consolation it carried in its rhythmic style to alleviate the almost unbearable tragedy of that era and its world impact !  This reminds me of another man of note and pathos, Siegfried Sassoon of World War I, still one more voice in the “wilderness “along with a cadre of others.  Oddly enough both of these poets shared similarities, born late 1800’s , died after WWII concluded,educated in England and rooted in Indian culture with a passion for peace.  Both deserve your attention and respect !  Please allow me to close with the last 4 lines of my personal favorite:

“Nay, do not weep; new hopes,new dreams,new faces,

The unspent joy of all the unborn years,

Will prove your heart a traitor to its sorrow,

And make your eyes unfaithful to their tears.”

by Sarojini Naidu

And so again, we find another facet of magic words in the hands of “word warriors” not to be ignored.  I find myself compelled to think of one greater, the Preacher,Solomon, have you read him lately?  That’s Ecclesiastes !


Claire B.


LITTLE BIRD ( 2013 ) 2013/05/14

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Who is there upon my window sill?

What is your need or your will?

Who’s that tapping on my pane

Have you come to call again?

Do you wish to enter in

Or to share my space herein?

Oh little one as you think

And tremble there on the brink

I cannot do what you wish

Since we share a varied dish.

Will you rest upon my sill

And chirp your song as you will

Can you stay and live with me?

It’s your nature to be free.

Oh small creature once again

Tapping there upon my pane

I can pray that you may stay

I beg please don’t fly away.

Oh little bird of swift flight

Keep love in your patient sight,

Winter winds will too soon come

With hoar’d breath and lack of sun

Keep my heart and mind alive

We may both with care survive.


There’s the tap upon my glass

Tell me what it is you ask

Can it be that we both know

Secrets great that must not show.

I won’t beg you to delay

Will you come another day?

Perhaps show me how to live

Teaching me what I must give

By courage and moral stand

To comprehend God’s vast plan,

Make me glad to be alive

With His help we shall survive.


TIMES VISION ( 2001 ) 2013/05/08

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Of all the chains the years have forged I’ve born with charity

One timeless and external torch can light no way for me

And darkens still this foolish path that will not set me free,

Igniting every shallow thought that clouds my destiny.

There is a time that shall impound

The freedom once that I had found

Which must with force my life surround

Until that day my breath’s unbound.

While madness round me all about pursues a course that’s weak

There is no simple answer to the honest end I seek,

Foolish aims that restless be have no mind nor tongue to speak

And bind my heart to olden dreams with courage often meek.

Brief chance has come and too soon passed

To rend my days with currents fast

Faith binds my hopes with vision vast,

Time leads my sight to grace at last.


TOO OFTEN ( 2001 )

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Oft I have heard a stranger say

That home is but a mile away,

And oft I’ve heard a comic say

That laughter’s but a smile away.

Oft I have heard a suitor say

That love is but a kiss away

And oft I’ve heard the preacher say

That God is just a prayer away.

Oft have I heard the wounded say

That help is but a cry away

And oft I’ve heard a soldier say

Peace is just one battle away.

Oft have I heard an artist say

Achievement’s just a task away

And oft I’ve heard the dying say

Salvation’s but a breath away.


Oft have I heard my own heart say

Tomorrow’s but a day away,

More oft I’ve heard a wiseman say

The truth is but a lie away.


ACHIEVEMENT ( 1976 ) 2013/05/07

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Oh, bright hope and trembling aspiration,

Threatened by reality’s confrontation,

Fertile dreams that skirt the realm of success

With thoughts that magnitude in deed possess,

Coerced by conscience ofttimes seized by doubt,

Bold in fervor and brave façade without.


Schemes that reek with brass determination

And beg aloud for joint cooperation,

Now restricted by society’s concept,

Whilst confined by past attitudes inept,

For this is woman, born to serve not lead

With scant concern that she fulfill her need.


Supple arms and quivering femininity

Promising passion with whispered divinity,

The striking blow of vanity to find

This fragile one conceals an agile mind.


IDENTITY ( 1998 ) 2013/05/06

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I am an empty seashell that waits beside the sea

To catch each impatient wave that washes over me,

Within the deeper crevice which is my inner part

There swells all the emptiness that drowns a heavy heart.

I am a frigid winter that never sees the  sun

Yet dreams to hold one sunbeam before its light is done.

I am a hollow nighttime wind crying out aloud

Embracing every vacant space stretching wide and proud,

Sheltering a burden while seeking that final cave

To echo trust and recapture all the love I gave.


I am deserted memory living in the past

Wherein all wind and waves and snow are forgotten fast.

I am a lonely stranger, timid, pale and lost, how sad,

Who for the sake of liberty committed all I had.


THE DAISY ( 1991 )

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Yellow eye in a crown of white

Boldly laughs as the day dawns bright.

Daisies wild in a garden grow

With petals soft as the drifted snow.

See how they bob in morning’s breeze

Nodding greetings to whom they please.

“ Hi there bee, have a busy day

Kindly be silent brash bluejay!”


A jolly bunch these daisies be

Who’d want for grander company?

The world might much improve itself

If man would seek a diff’rent wealth.

Among the blooms there’s never heard

A lying tongue or unkind word.

In all the fields where daisies breed

There’s always room for one more seed.


Somehow they thrive without complaint

Hardy species bright pictures paint

And gift mankind with brief respite

Indulge his rest with sheer delight.

Boundless joy mute blossoms shower

I’m sure God dwells in each flower.

I’d like to think that heaven’s plowed

With daisies glowing on each cloud.


MATURING ( 1999 ) 2013/05/05

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I thought I saw the budding trees all sprout anew

I dreamt I touched each summer bloom all spread with dew,

And yet today I walked about and lonesome felt

An autumn breeze with chilling breath where sunbeams knelt.

Too fast these days have flickered by, the time has come

For lusty wind that plays beneath the winter sun.

Where then have these precious hours flown in vapid haste

To leave behind the faded hope a fool may waste?


Seems life’s composed of moments falling, one on one,

Like threads of gold into a lasting mem’ry spun

In sequence, weaving wisdom’s waning tragic spell

Of laughing tears and weeping smiles which credence tell.

These seasons constant changing that each flower knows

Are cycles in the life of man that patience grows.


CYCLE ( 1965 )

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Yesterday, a leaf fell from my favorite tree,

In silence, all alone, I watched it slip and slide,

Turning somersaults, drifting, so melodically,

Graceful, with nought other passage than downward glide.

For one fleet second, thoughts of revolution grew

And cast themselves across the windows of my mind,

Where fragments of one’s journey weigh for times,untrue,

Inciting spasms of questing doubt, life doth blind.


We are, each soul of us, mediocre in our way,

Endowed with talents born long ago, yesterday.

Skills that we erringly believe to be unique

Consume other needs, while that special praise we seek.

Observed through private mirrors which the mind collects.

And colored by the ego that our pride reflects,

Images, much gilded by vision clouded, seen,

And silvered by the hope that we are as we dream.

Mankind, foolish, now wanting, thinking what will be,

Wastes his days midst effort veiled by futility.

That cycle, which in youth, had its first beginning,

Will end in age, with neither losing or winning.



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Look up, look up, into the misting sky

And wistful, dreaming of the years gone by

For truth, and seeming as they never were

Provoking thoughts that heart and mind concur.

In life not even flowers linger long

And to the wind both stem and leaf belong

While bird and nest, too soon part company,

And thus with many leave only memory.

Unholy din to clamor in this sphere

Mark man and beast with recollection clear,

Like bookmarks in a span of life concern

Within orb, lasting memory discern.

Dusting shelves laden with rejected dreams,

A thankless task wasted as it now seems

That memory which has been tucked away

Till such a time perhaps as is this day.

Like one’s closed book of golden memory

Which only grasps the edge of destiny,

So thumb again the pages stained and worn,

Oft empty sheets both tired and torn.

A little knowledge with self-reflected view

Consuming hopes, for time that rings untrue,

Reason spurn Herculean endeavor

In assuming nothing lasts forever.

Leave wanting for the final recompense

And wishful hoping as the last defense,

At best that memory, if so inclined

Will flicker once or twice, across the mind.


THE GULL, ( 2013 ) 2013/05/04

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there is no one to call my own

I have nowhere to call my home

there is no one to hold me tight

not morning, noon or vast twilight

there is no place or person there

can show me peace, or love or care

i have no place to rest my head

there is no comfort in my bed

and this I notice and it’s true

we’re all alone when day is thru

and so I go from shore to shore

as my friend the gull, fore’ermore.

( My son Mark, sent this poem yesterday with the message,  ” JUST RAN THROUGH MY BRAIN” )


SOLUTION ( 1991 ) 2013/05/02

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I bound my hopes in role secure
And found myself in life obscure
No battle sought, no aimless race
This distant vacant waiting place
Where all my dreams were mauled and tossed,
Illusion gone and courage lost.
A hollowed shell and nameless ache
One heart that’s worn but will not break
And never was nor ever see
A yearning for what cannot be.
This weighted loss but whispered then
About the life that might have been
No sympathy, no anger meant
No subterfuge, no cross intent
A saddened time with too much space
Casts warmth aside like so much waste
Persisting still in careless fashion
This lonesome and elusive passion.


While madness played upon my mind
And futile sought its peace to find
As all the joy I might have sown
Lay wasting in some grave unknown
Be sure I’m wont to ever taste
This need of mine that has no face.


WEAK VICTORY ( 1974 ) 2013/05/01

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Why did you take my dreams and brush them all away,

Like scattered ashes of some forgotten yesterday,

Blown with the biting dust of winds that swiftly glide,

Just drifters on life’s road, unwanted, cast aside?

I’ll mend the twisted fragments that have not been lost,

Time will veil some pieces and never count the cost,

A feckless sort of action, yet task worth knowing,

By simply standing tall, find endurance growing.

Wisdom laced with caution that loneliness will marry,

Gull’s nest on seaweed, though set adrift, may tarry,

A titmouse, in the thornbush, emerges, wings intact,

While dreams that died of neglect, often seem abstract.


SAFE ( 2013 ) 2013/04/30

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The dark of night envelopes me in clouds of pain I

cannot bear

Pain that’s like an old companion whose ugly fashion

I won’t wear

Or bow beneath its will to tame me or yoke me

in its wide scope

I’m not a hostage in its grasp who’s doomed

to suffer without hope

I’ll fight the way that God has shown

with prayers of faith that my lips sing

While angel arms save and guard me

and carry me upon their wing.


WEEDS ( 2003 )

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How can you pluck even the smallest weed

That does spring and grow from the meanest seed

Whose path whistled on the wind’s sowing song

Whence carried to earth’s bed and there belonged?

Now we’ve called them each by some awkward name

And we’ll stunt their spread or we’ll make them tame.

A weed is a whisp of unwanted fare

That lives by a road when others won’t dare.

It covers a meadow that grass will shun

Or bides in a spot that greets not the sun.

Weeds are a blessing in myriad ways

Craftily seen on the plainest of days,

Flaunting their garb with a bit of aplomb

At times when even the bees cease to hum.


A weed’s like a thought that fear can’t destroy

Using up space that none else will employ,

Forcing us all to encounter some things

We’d sooner forget life’s mutiny brings.


SEARCH FOR SILENCE ( 1991 ) 2013/04/28

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I listened to the sound of bumblebees at play

While the muted echo of caterpillars’ sway,

Subtle and seductive, lent a special whistle

To the singing reeds where hid a dancing thistle.

The clamor of the wind where hungry leap frogs strayed

Mid grass alive with noise when all their eggs were laid,

Made unvenal chorus, too vibrant and alive

Like a blaring trumpet I thought I’d not survive,

Then with one rousing movement and crescendo rise

Hungered for the silence to follow my demise.


IF I WERE GREAT ( 1998 )

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At mornings there are times when I

Upon my couch, rejected lie,

And ponder o’er the many schemes

That filled my days and were my dreams.

I spied a bird that paused in flight,

He battled not with conscience‘ might.

I climbed a tree that was so tall

And cried because my aims were small.

I heard a song that had no tune

And wished upon some waning moon

To be a bird and restless fly

Against God’s canvas of the sky.

There, seek to find another day

Or mayhaps learn the  better way

To fill my life with keener zest,

Perform great deeds before my rest.


I will to you this last reply

To neither question nor deny

That days of man are wasted spent

To wonder where his lifetime went,

Whereas each bird doth leave behind

Abundant seed the rain will find.




Fearful and crushed are those saddened lives

Whose trembling hope pale agony survives

While those I know I cannot change or cure

Must forge their path along some way secure.

I find my life’s been challenged by the lights

And winnowed by the shades of shallow nights

Nights spent alone there wrapt in reverie

Midst lights of wisdom, shades of destiny.

Regarding this I pray my faith’s been sealed

Since many a lost promise has been healed.

While I may grasp this chance of happiness

And conquer all the woes which bar success

I find myself adrift upon a sea

Of senseless waste and hapless energy.


I’m weary of the endless battle now

I long for rest to garner strength somehow

And pray that God will shelter me once more

Ere I shall haste to latch one final door.


MARTYRED MARCH ( 1977 ) 2013/04/27

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Oh little star that shines alone

On lonesome dark and friendless night,

Oh sprightly sprig that blossoms forth

With nary other buds in sight,

Oh tiny bird that chirps a song

When all his friends are fast in flight,

Oh warming wind with gentle breath

That sings an air with dawn’s delight,

Have you ever looked beyond night

Into the early morning’s glow?

Have you ever smelled the incense

On the hill where staunch violets grow?

Have you ever heard ceaseless sound

Where gushing streams trickle and flow?

Have you ever felt springtime’s rain

Driven with an incessant blow?

This is the heritage of March

Impudent harbinger of spring

That sallies forth in manner rude

Yet bearing April on the wing

And so bold and harsh seducer

Ever brusquely keep refraining

Release that cold and chilly grip

Thus end winter’s will sustaning.



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In all the obligation that one’s duty brings

Exists some meager wish that sighs and hopes and clings,

There weigh the loss which from the smallest niche inside

Abides with desperation soundly hid by pride.

Still dwells the waning hope that chance yet rages bold

Though wintered in the ort that’s left of growing old.

In manner chaste I find my quiet hours are sown

Within the palest veil of all I’ve ever known

Where image of the past that with distress was wrought

Some untamed soul within the net lies careless caught.


Since unshed tears oft lurk behind the tracing of a smile

Self-contemplation ought display the hushed façade of guile

While quiv’ring hand and timid step by age and time impaired

Mask vestiges of dignity God graciously has spared.



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The chill of winter stealthy, stealing quick away,

Escaping silently in seeming speed dismay,

The frost dripping from the bough, weeping to the ground

Continues on with steady unrelenting sound,

Those winter tears fast filling every hustling stream

And rapid moving, hasten on with each sunbeam,

Poor naked tree who wearing not a patch of green

Prepares to face her mentor, spring, with garb obscene,

The night fog hangs like halos woven through the limbs

The sight of which, the heart to overflowing brims,

The crumbling walks and walls, the bitter freeze has fought,

Like brittle cardboard castles in a tempest caught,

And tumbling, rising, broken, crouch in disarray

While fallen branches, victim of another day,

Await the woodman’s axe and to woodpile retire

Until next year, once more to feed the warming fire.

Bold winter ushered in with such a lusty roar,

Now slithers past in fashion, circumstance deplore,

Such manner doth bear false witness to his power,

That legacy granting spring its proper dower,

Each year this pattern vital, steadfast, must repeat,

For life to winnow and the season’s term complete.


BLESSINGS ( 2013 ) 2013/04/23


Oftimes when I am lying at my ease

Upon some chaise as quiet as you please

Along the sandy shore that comforts me

With warming winds beside the restless sea

I contemplate the peace that aging brings

While bearing wisdom on its learned wings.

Asleep beneath the stars and moon above

Under the spell of some enduring love

And there the beauty that I sought and knew

Still shimmered and spun the whole night through

While God Himself seemed to smile on us all

By spreading His blessings both large and small.


FREE ( 1991 )

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I look upon a leafy bed

And wonder why the leaves are dead,

I look upon a stormy sky

And wonder why the birds won’t fly,

I see a tired human face

And wonder if he takes up space,

I question whether time grows old

And why the length of love must mold,

Why flowers turn to face the sun

Then disappear when growing’s done.

The simple ways still seem the best

They supercede the foolish rest,

Perhaps with years we’ve come to know

That fortune follows as we sow.


Though oft I’d sought another place

And sometimes thought I’d lost the race,

Faint melody soon pricked my ears

And cast aside my hidden fears.

Now lately, as my life turns round

And echoes with its closing sound,

One grateful thought does fill my mind,

With age, my passion waxes kind.

I’ve spent this life as best I knew

And lived my hopes as dreamers do,

I’ve known the world the wishful see

And bless my fate that now I’m free.


JUDGEMENT ( 2013 )

The swiftly graying darkly coursing sky

Does play upon my fickle inner eye

And bares a mystery both stark and bold

That speaks to me of long lost dreams untold.

These dreams I thought had flown so far away.

Yet seeming near, had somehow lost their way.


Some fringed and faded shadows left behind

Shedding aged reflection as they unwind

What had once been I recognised anew

And purpose wrought with aim and course so true.

The passion in my heart that won’t decline

A hungry yearning that I can’t define

The dreaming in my mind that cannot fade

A hard decision that I have not made

The longing in my soul that will not wane

A quest for meaning that I’ve failed to gain.


And there among the past that wastes away

Find sad remains of yet another day

One unknown force that placed the founding stone

Has willed this legacy to us alone.

There in the night with truth possessed and sown

Who by their fruits at last shall they be known.


WHAT IS GREEN ( 2001 ) 2013/04/21

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Wherever you look this world is shaded in green dye

From the forest’s floor clear to a rainbow in the sky,

A verdant place live with the miracle of God’s care

Plush valleys, woodlands and mountains that rise in the air.

What is green? I know that its not these roads that I trod

But the friendly gardens I pass that wave me a nod,

The blazoned grass in the fields and the oak when it’s young,

The trees that cover each grove with their seed as they’re sprung,

Grasshopper’s in flight emitting sounds that echo and hum,

No, not the air that we breathe but the source that it’s from.


Green’s my favorite color and the color of pine

Like the stem of each flower and the stalk of each vine,

The crest of each hill that’s burdened with blossoms it blows,

The fruits of the orchard and the tall corn as it grows,

Solemn moss upon a rock that betrays not its age,

A bird’s chorus sung from a branch, the air as its stage.


What is green? The deep of the sea, the heart of a palm

The chant of the willow’s sweep like the words of a psalm,

Caterpillars at birth and the new bud of a rose,

The youth of a man, the lid of his grave at its close,

The rigid eyes of a cat while its vigil will keep

In silence watching some prey, seeming lulled into sleep,

And there, like vespers in the wind that scatters  its seeds

Fast being held in the grasp of life’s swift spreading weeds

Tiny sprouts that protrude through the wet earth after rain

Are now promising me hope that the green will remain.

While the green of an emerald possesses great worth,

The best of life’s green is bound to the crust of the earth

Be glad that green’s the one color we cannot replace

It relieves the monotony of blacks, browns, and grays.


INTRUDER ( 1967 ) 2013/02/13

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Blast you insidious reptile slithering

Among the leaves and flowers withering,

Out from my doorstep from this path exempt,

Oh little worm, sad object of contempt.

Thou of naked creeping infamy begot

Man’s ill treatment bearing wicked maggot,

All fearing children turn from you blindly

For nature has dealt with you unkindly,

Cloaking you in garment that comes undone,

Be gone you sleek and slimy limbless one.

Painful instrument of remorse growing,

Yet your chore disclose God’s wisdom showing,

Well even worms must have some useful ways,

Observe they multiply both nights and days.


RECOGNITION ( 2004 ) 2013/02/11

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What magic spell or mystic charm

That option earns for good or harm

Exists within this cloud of doubt

I’d rather pass and bide without?

This query waits alone and faint

With purpose hid and calm restraint

Each choice within the human font

There in the balance finds the want.


I’m lost, I can’t remember why,

What source of rule should here apply?

There dwells no vision in my mind,

No sense of meaning can I find.

One answer clear I fail to see

I seek not what my fate will be.


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