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DATELINE: Hoboken, NJ USA “NIGHTINGALES” ( 2013 ) 2013/07/07

In 1945, I stumbled upon a poem, “Transcience” by a poet, Sarojini Naidu.  I was unaware that she was a woman or that she was so very special.  However, my hungry mind gravitated to her incredible thoughts and words.  In my effort to commit them to memory, I devised a plan by using the first 4 words of each of 3 stanzas and it worked.  “Nay, do not grieve, Nay do not pine, Nay, do not weep,”  now here we are almost 70 years later and with this single device I am able to recall that piece without hesitation.  I find that time has not diminished its value or the consolation it carried in its rhythmic style to alleviate the almost unbearable tragedy of that era and its world impact !  This reminds me of another man of note and pathos, Siegfried Sassoon of World War I, still one more voice in the “wilderness “along with a cadre of others.  Oddly enough both of these poets shared similarities, born late 1800’s , died after WWII concluded,educated in England and rooted in Indian culture with a passion for peace.  Both deserve your attention and respect !  Please allow me to close with the last 4 lines of my personal favorite:

“Nay, do not weep; new hopes,new dreams,new faces,

The unspent joy of all the unborn years,

Will prove your heart a traitor to its sorrow,

And make your eyes unfaithful to their tears.”

by Sarojini Naidu

And so again, we find another facet of magic words in the hands of “word warriors” not to be ignored.  I find myself compelled to think of one greater, the Preacher,Solomon, have you read him lately?  That’s Ecclesiastes !


Claire B.


LITTLE BIRD ( 2013 ) 2013/05/14

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Who is there upon my window sill?

What is your need or your will?

Who’s that tapping on my pane

Have you come to call again?

Do you wish to enter in

Or to share my space herein?

Oh little one as you think

And tremble there on the brink

I cannot do what you wish

Since we share a varied dish.

Will you rest upon my sill

And chirp your song as you will

Can you stay and live with me?

It’s your nature to be free.

Oh small creature once again

Tapping there upon my pane

I can pray that you may stay

I beg please don’t fly away.

Oh little bird of swift flight

Keep love in your patient sight,

Winter winds will too soon come

With hoar’d breath and lack of sun

Keep my heart and mind alive

We may both with care survive.


There’s the tap upon my glass

Tell me what it is you ask

Can it be that we both know

Secrets great that must not show.

I won’t beg you to delay

Will you come another day?

Perhaps show me how to live

Teaching me what I must give

By courage and moral stand

To comprehend God’s vast plan,

Make me glad to be alive

With His help we shall survive.


TIMES VISION ( 2001 ) 2013/05/08

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Of all the chains the years have forged I’ve born with charity

One timeless and external torch can light no way for me

And darkens still this foolish path that will not set me free,

Igniting every shallow thought that clouds my destiny.

There is a time that shall impound

The freedom once that I had found

Which must with force my life surround

Until that day my breath’s unbound.

While madness round me all about pursues a course that’s weak

There is no simple answer to the honest end I seek,

Foolish aims that restless be have no mind nor tongue to speak

And bind my heart to olden dreams with courage often meek.

Brief chance has come and too soon passed

To rend my days with currents fast

Faith binds my hopes with vision vast,

Time leads my sight to grace at last.


TOO OFTEN ( 2001 )

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Oft I have heard a stranger say

That home is but a mile away,

And oft I’ve heard a comic say

That laughter’s but a smile away.

Oft I have heard a suitor say

That love is but a kiss away

And oft I’ve heard the preacher say

That God is just a prayer away.

Oft have I heard the wounded say

That help is but a cry away

And oft I’ve heard a soldier say

Peace is just one battle away.

Oft have I heard an artist say

Achievement’s just a task away

And oft I’ve heard the dying say

Salvation’s but a breath away.


Oft have I heard my own heart say

Tomorrow’s but a day away,

More oft I’ve heard a wiseman say

The truth is but a lie away.


ACHIEVEMENT ( 1976 ) 2013/05/07

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Oh, bright hope and trembling aspiration,

Threatened by reality’s confrontation,

Fertile dreams that skirt the realm of success

With thoughts that magnitude in deed possess,

Coerced by conscience ofttimes seized by doubt,

Bold in fervor and brave façade without.


Schemes that reek with brass determination

And beg aloud for joint cooperation,

Now restricted by society’s concept,

Whilst confined by past attitudes inept,

For this is woman, born to serve not lead

With scant concern that she fulfill her need.


Supple arms and quivering femininity

Promising passion with whispered divinity,

The striking blow of vanity to find

This fragile one conceals an agile mind.


IDENTITY ( 1998 ) 2013/05/06

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I am an empty seashell that waits beside the sea

To catch each impatient wave that washes over me,

Within the deeper crevice which is my inner part

There swells all the emptiness that drowns a heavy heart.

I am a frigid winter that never sees the  sun

Yet dreams to hold one sunbeam before its light is done.

I am a hollow nighttime wind crying out aloud

Embracing every vacant space stretching wide and proud,

Sheltering a burden while seeking that final cave

To echo trust and recapture all the love I gave.


I am deserted memory living in the past

Wherein all wind and waves and snow are forgotten fast.

I am a lonely stranger, timid, pale and lost, how sad,

Who for the sake of liberty committed all I had.


THE DAISY ( 1991 )

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Yellow eye in a crown of white

Boldly laughs as the day dawns bright.

Daisies wild in a garden grow

With petals soft as the drifted snow.

See how they bob in morning’s breeze

Nodding greetings to whom they please.

“ Hi there bee, have a busy day

Kindly be silent brash bluejay!”


A jolly bunch these daisies be

Who’d want for grander company?

The world might much improve itself

If man would seek a diff’rent wealth.

Among the blooms there’s never heard

A lying tongue or unkind word.

In all the fields where daisies breed

There’s always room for one more seed.


Somehow they thrive without complaint

Hardy species bright pictures paint

And gift mankind with brief respite

Indulge his rest with sheer delight.

Boundless joy mute blossoms shower

I’m sure God dwells in each flower.

I’d like to think that heaven’s plowed

With daisies glowing on each cloud.


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