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FROST ( 1970 ) 2013/02/11

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Oh, fickle season, you have promised winter’s been repelled,

But curling leaves and frigid air mark you blunt deceiver,

There’s a chill pervading tonight, that cannot be dispelled,

Untimely demise, infant growth, implicit believer,

Just this morn, I spied a robin red flirting on the sill,

Timid peeking from behind the spiny pussywillow,

One frail yellow-budded shrub impatient holding back until

The lonely mourning dove comes seeking her mossy pillow,

The scared and peeling, hulking elm nodding its approval

With pecking intruder tapping out frantic rhythmic beat,

A carpet of wasting leaves now heaped, await removal,

Depart soon, wicked fomenter of discontent complete.



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The journey of a sunlight’s ray dancing on the blind

Highlights the vast spectrum of crisis crowding the air

That which the naked eye at each twilight does not find

And never in its search would reason that such were there.

Much mystery, we cannot perceive as it unwinds.

Myriads of flecks emerging from we know not where

One mixed and tossed residue of varied sorts and kinds

That time in all its aspects will neither show nor share.



Somewhere beyond that haze of clouded sky

There thrive these elements that must deny

Man’s conscious drive to aimful lifetime plan

As countless hopes that drift and float and fan.

Seems useless waste within the space of time

That’s known to be the total of man’s prime,

I pause and wonder how my years are spent

Within the shadow of a life well meant.



Six billion other souls must breathe and grow

And labor same as I, yet never know

Why life is played in shadows and in shades,

All memory leaves nought as desire fades

Then move to greet the end as we all must

And join at last that final earthbound dust.



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Diamonds glistening in the sand

Clouds made for wistful dreaming and

A breeze that shouts with clarity

Above the sequin-spattered sea,

White caps that spill forth spray askew,

While gulls that capture the whole view,

Oblivious do o’erhead fly

O’er moody waves in fickle sky.

Beneath the roofs and chimney walk

Where ancient seafolk gentry stalk,

Blue chintz and varied homilies

Repute the tenure of our ease

As hearthside flames so bright within

Unsettling nature’s chill chagrin.


Sweet Jesus when he lay asleep

Secure within his manger deep

Did bring the peace that love had found

Upon the land, beside the ground

While I who now have bought some space

Will nestle in this quiet place

To seek but never treasure caught

Like pleasures found and known and thought.

The steady buzz and muted sound

Of aged folk while gathered round

A formal table set in lace,

With silvered service at each place,

Are days of legend long forgot

Heroic past, remembered not.


A seaman dozing on a bench

His nostrils charged with ebbtide’s drench,

An old man rocking in his chair

Chanting some verse in cadence there

Beside the others on the porch

And through the bush, a lighted torch

Of some late caller heading home

There on the bluff by chance did roam.

A cottage set on windy hill

Inviting some to linger still,

A plaintive moan so fills the air

One thinks to sight a mermaid there,

Lost vision caught in time’s withdrawal

The crowding fog soon covers all.


While here within pastoral life

We seek escape from cultured strife

And steal a moment here and there

To garner strength and mend our wear,

The fallacy if we deny

That life is swift and passes by

Is homeward brought by days  too brief

That cast aside another leaf.

Some memory the dark may find

When other times prove most unkind,

The careless wind, the ocean’s sweep

The scent of woodlands deep in sleep,

This rockbound coast where vessels sailed

Leaves few untouched by earth’s travail.


SURROUND ( 1976 )

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I think that I will never leave this place I call my home

Though often in this capricious world I’ve been wont to roam,

Still revives the peaceful quiet each time that I return,

A gladness born of solitude for which my heart does yearn.

Now from my lonely balcony, to look upon that hill

I spy confusion growing wildly rampant and virile.

Dramatic strength of habitat unknown in life’s refuse

There dwells a sweet and close contentment in this safe recluse.


I’m host to whimsical and calm fulfillment of the eye

Through years that watch each season’s lavish multi-layered sky

Fading from dark to light traversing all the rainbowed hues

In colors borrowed from some artist’s easel time suffused.

So much a giant symphony of sight and smell and sound

Feel I, as familiar objects like golden friends surround,

I now know I can’t ever leave this homely placid place

That thrives with every burning image change dare not erase.


WARNING ( 2007 )

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What do crows do as they fly?

Forcing dark to cloud my sky?

God’s above with master plan

Where do crows fit in this span,

Their cackling caw far too loud,

As they gather in a crowd?

Noise like the echo of the din

That this world now wallows in,

Angry sounds that fill the air

Warning soon to be aware.


I wonder if there’s some thought

I should learn or can be taught

Of a future that will be

Darkened with their prophecy?



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What magic spell or mystic charm

That option earns for good or harm

Exists within this cloud of doubt

I’d rather pass and bide without?

This query waits alone and faint

With purpose hid and calm restraint

Each choice within the human font

There in the balance finds the want.


I’m lost, I can’t remember why,

What source of rule should here apply?

There dwells no vision in my mind,

No sense of meaning can I find.

One answer clear I fail to see

I seek not what my fate will be.



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Wait…I hear your slight rustling through the leaves,

Though times you light upon the shaded eaves

Beyond my vision for a moment just,

Then quickly skim in flight flashing some rust.

Now I snatch a glimpse of that mottled coat

( Your garb’s not one of particular note).

You wear your formal vest of mourning gray,

Black cap and pointed mask, while you display

Tailfeathers spread into one somber fan

That whisk and flare as though in fear you ran.

Those epaulets that grace your dull costume

Do cry aloud for the want of a plume.

Your garment seems wrought of velvet and lace

The gray extends to the top of your face.

Your trim beak seems poised so satin and still

As sharp as the pointed end of a drill.

Why even your name doesn’t do you much pride

And conjures a picture of creatures that hide.


What manner of wild bird art thou, my friend?

Don’t leave till I capture your image and

Learn something more of how you live and breed

Sneaking through tangles of my garden weed.

Observing the fact that beauty’s respected

Sad catbird I’d guess that you’re long neglected.


MEMORY ( 2003 )

Just as the wind off the hill whispers to the trees

Just as the bird on the bough sings into the breeze,

Just so my friend as life begins its final fall

I must tell you how I feel ere this curtain’s call.

Some songs I’ve heard have no words, others have no tune

They swell and rise and float aloft in time festooned.

Some friends I‘ve known crossed my path nodding cold farewell

Others stayed close by my side though they kiss and tell,

Some who came to plead my cause lingered on too long,

I do remember most the good, the kind, the strong.


While simple ways and gentle thoughts and silence too

Are peace that age has brought to me in purpose true.

If I count beyond my fears, just one smiling day

I won’t need another dream or another stay.


REQUITED ( 1957 )

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There is so much to tell to you

I know not where to begin now,

Think only thoughts that can be true

For it will be alright somehow,

Some day, somewhere, I’ll come to you,

And we’ll begin where love did end,

Our ebbing love far stronger grew

As tears their strength did power lend.

Until that day once more we’ll meet,

The long and lonely years forgot,

While life shall seem so incomplete,

I beg of you, forget me not.


This deed of horror and outrage

Remember not that I have done,

As time will heal, all pain assuage,

That grief need not your luck forerun.


To you I’ve willed the hidden plague

That suffers man his whole life through,

I loved you more though manner vague,

Possessed of heart unfaltering true.

I cannot say the why of it,

I only know that time won’t fade

This ache which bides with me unfit,

My heart must walk in loveless shade

Until I share once more with you,

And through this dark and dreary cast

That to my dying day I’ll rue

I’ll need you most, forget you last.

The saddest dream, long gone astray

Would that it might be now undone,

These simple words my will convey,

As I loved you, love I your son.


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