Claire V. Bogdanos


REQUITED ( 1957 ) 2013/02/11

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There is so much to tell to you

I know not where to begin now,

Think only thoughts that can be true

For it will be alright somehow,

Some day, somewhere, I’ll come to you,

And we’ll begin where love did end,

Our ebbing love far stronger grew

As tears their strength did power lend.

Until that day once more we’ll meet,

The long and lonely years forgot,

While life shall seem so incomplete,

I beg of you, forget me not.


This deed of horror and outrage

Remember not that I have done,

As time will heal, all pain assuage,

That grief need not your luck forerun.


To you I’ve willed the hidden plague

That suffers man his whole life through,

I loved you more though manner vague,

Possessed of heart unfaltering true.

I cannot say the why of it,

I only know that time won’t fade

This ache which bides with me unfit,

My heart must walk in loveless shade

Until I share once more with you,

And through this dark and dreary cast

That to my dying day I’ll rue

I’ll need you most, forget you last.

The saddest dream, long gone astray

Would that it might be now undone,

These simple words my will convey,

As I loved you, love I your son.


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