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CONDITIONS ( 2000 ) 2013/07/06

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Happiness is a state of mind and

love a condition of the heart

Without which man is an empty shell

awaiting life’s meaning to start.


THOUGHT ( 1989 ) 2013/02/14

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Truth, I have lived so many years and learned so many things

And lastly found the value of the peace that loving brings.


HONOR ( 1968 ) 2013/02/13

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While ghetto-bred and sidewalk-grown

The wisdom of the streets intone,

Like marigold instead of rose

Intensity of roots disclose.


To walk among the worldly ways

And see the truth with watchful gaze,

Know God exists in every man

And seek the best goal that you can.


Strongly speak with loving kindness

Accept rejection with fairness,

Quickly move to help another

And friendship search to discover.


Respect your needs in terms most clear

Reflect your weakness without fear,

Regard the world’s immensity

And love with deep propensity.


SHADOW OF THE MIND ( 2005 ) 2013/02/11

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The journey of a sunlight’s ray dancing on the blind

Highlights the vast spectrum of crisis crowding the air

That which the naked eye at each twilight does not find

And never in its search would reason that such were there.

Much mystery, we cannot perceive as it unwinds.

Myriads of flecks emerging from we know not where

One mixed and tossed residue of varied sorts and kinds

That time in all its aspects will neither show nor share.



Somewhere beyond that haze of clouded sky

There thrive these elements that must deny

Man’s conscious drive to aimful lifetime plan

As countless hopes that drift and float and fan.

Seems useless waste within the space of time

That’s known to be the total of man’s prime,

I pause and wonder how my years are spent

Within the shadow of a life well meant.



Six billion other souls must breathe and grow

And labor same as I, yet never know

Why life is played in shadows and in shades,

All memory leaves nought as desire fades

Then move to greet the end as we all must

And join at last that final earthbound dust.


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