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IMAGES ( 1986 ) 2013/02/06

Some grotesque images now cast upon an eerie wall

Do lend an unconscious foreboding to an empty hall

And conjured ghostly shadows that breathed very long ago

When sunlight filled every corner of the timid ego

Within which dwelt the lonely distance that life’s runner goes

Around that course the mind must pause to find if merit chose.

Sometimes in later days, our shadows fall here on the ground

To waste away because no useful purpose has been found

And cultures shaded by distorted views that lie in wait

Awake to grim reminders that success arrives too late,

While lifetimes spent in searching for that one beginning start

Find it at last when all time’s happenings desert the heart.



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How strange that I’ve heard news of you today

Sure I had thought that you’d sailed far away.

Almost as though we too had never caprice known

Emotion tossed like dust into the wild wind sown.

Then for awhile these images were best forgot

In growing time did slowly fade and lingered not.

Now word which caused my heart to doubtful hesitate

Has forced my mind to halt and painless meditate.

And through the distance clearly impediment saw

Like rocky shoals that shelter an unchartered shore.

Some embryo now guarded in its silk cocoon

From reckless growing thoughts that stifle breath too soon

While rising fears assail me baring their own ill,

And wonder why when all is done, I love you still.


One foolish dream that had been better tucked away

Lingers with a passion declining to decay,

And carries as its burden, the weight of hoping

This craft, its compass gone in the darkness groping,

Far saner put ashore upon safe sandy beach

Than seek one lifetime long, lost paradise to reach.


REFUGE ( 1987 )

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See the mist rising from the flat earth in hazy layers

With cattails parading plumes erect as stalwart players.

The wet and steaming pools of teeming water peeking through

A veil of fog that hugs the road’s dim edge and clouds the view

Drown me in my thoughts arising from a sea of want and waste

Arousing fears I can’t forsake with time nor leave in haste.

Thoughts like forgotten goals do need a place to heal and thrive

Within some habitat that speeds their quest, keeps hope alive

And mocks not this inconvenient meadow of use no more

That sheltered many idle tears and fed the earth’s dry floor.

Fleeing from the wake of life where the forceful currents ran

Far from the ocean’s depth, understanding when it began

That not all creatures could survive the tidal lap and lash,

Some need the gentle marsh wherein survives that smouldered ash



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Of all the dreams I’ve ever known

But one remains steadfast and clear.

Of all the seeds I’ve ever sown

That with the spring will reappear,

Of all the gifts I’ve ever bought

And cherished with a thought unreal,

Of all the hopes I’ve ever sought,

In faith, which to my mind appeal,

This simplest one, I’ve valued most,

Friendship sealed with kind helping hands,

A love that feels no need to boast,

A heart that cares and understands.


SEAPLANE ( 1982 )

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Frail silvered bird of man’s invent

In air or drift its time is spent.

My heart flies high on lofty wings

That listen while the current sings.

Not hindered by the traffic’s clog

Nor crippled by the moving fog,

Bold sailing vessel of the sky

Will light on waves that heave and sigh

Like gannet, gull or tern at home

It glides across the azured foam

And banks and heads into the breeze

To land upon its wide-webbed skis.

The thought occurs, as well it might

Of all it’s seen within its flight,

Most images that on the ground

Will thought and deed intense confound,

When viewed from such a distant height

Do lose their power and their fright

And fade into the circle’s knot

Reminding us what’s been forgot.


If man can rise above the roar

And restful through the clouds can soar,

Observe that life seems twined about

And to his aims, remain devout

While blithely sailing cross that sky,

Yet never place his sight too high

To live in peace and reach content,

Remember sometimes wings get bent.



The candles in the window, the frost clings to each bough

The holly climbs the lamppost, the weather’s colder now

Tis time for sweaters, muffs and gloves and season’s merry glee

Yet with each falling snowflake my thoughts drift back to thee.

I hear the Christmas carol they sang that Christmas Day

And all of this it happened to someone far away.

This season brings to many a hope of untold joy

To me it means a memory time refuses to destroy.

I saw you first that Christmas Day and knew it had to be

That I should fall in love with you and you in love with me.

Fate seemed to speak to both of us the selfsame words we heard

I saw the laughter in your eyes my heart held every word.

Though slow to speak as then you were, I waited one long year

My hopes began to crumble as that Christmas time drew near.

This time you did not fail me, my dream at last came true

You loved me my beloved as much as I loved you.


The joy we knew that Christmas will never come again

In vanished in the springtime in the mist and foggy rain.

And so again  each Christmas when the snowflakes gently fall

It’s the time of sweet remember not the parting I recall

And I say to you my darling, wherever you may be

That you think of me at Christmas if you ever think of me.

I should hope that you remember not the springtime and its rain

But the love and tender kindness not the sadness and the pain

Not the years of endless waiting and the promises untold

But the laughter and the happiness that remembering doth hold.




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I think the dearest words I’ve ever written

are painted graffiti on a wall . . . . . .

Exposed to daylight’s crude submission and meant

to be read by sundry one and all.


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