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THE DARK OF NIGHT ( 2019 ) 2019/11/12

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The  sun peeks through the window blinds

As  morning light  exposure finds

Let’s welcome  in  this brand new day

Before  it too does fly  away.

The leaves have gone,  the trees are bare

The  smell of  snow now fills the air

As  winter creeps  upon its knees

The  earth  beneath  begins to freeze.

Too soon  the frost  will move on in

While  dark of night  shall  soon begin !



THOUGHTS OF HOME ( 2016 ) 2016/04/29

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There is a place we all yearn to be

It’s not across some far-widened sea

Nor over hills or great mountainsides

And not where malice or anger hides.

It’s not under trees that reach for sky

Or where the eagles and buzzards fly

It’s just a place around the last bend

Of a lonesome road that seeks its end,

To that spot where most lives got their start

And have left behind their lonely heart !


HOME ( 2016 ) 2016/03/11

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Now I have traveled long and far

By foot and train and hired car

I’ve searched across the world’s domain

By boat and mule and aeroplane

Where’er I’ve gone it’s clear to see

That home is still the place to be !



HEAVEN’S ANGELS ( 2015 ) 2015/05/04

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Our lady in the harbor with torch held oh so high

She waves as strangers greet her while they are passing by

She is a precious omen that opens wide the door

To bid each one a welcome who comes here searching for

A little bit of heaven, the chance to be one’s own

Reach out to touch the angels who call this land their home !


THE GULL, ( 2013 ) 2013/05/04

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there is no one to call my own

I have nowhere to call my home

there is no one to hold me tight

not morning, noon or vast twilight

there is no place or person there

can show me peace, or love or care

i have no place to rest my head

there is no comfort in my bed

and this I notice and it’s true

we’re all alone when day is thru

and so I go from shore to shore

as my friend the gull, fore’ermore.

( My son Mark, sent this poem yesterday with the message,  ” JUST RAN THROUGH MY BRAIN” )


SURROUND ( 1976 ) 2013/02/11

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I think that I will never leave this place I call my home

Though often in this capricious world I’ve been wont to roam,

Still revives the peaceful quiet each time that I return,

A gladness born of solitude for which my heart does yearn.

Now from my lonely balcony, to look upon that hill

I spy confusion growing wildly rampant and virile.

Dramatic strength of habitat unknown in life’s refuse

There dwells a sweet and close contentment in this safe recluse.


I’m host to whimsical and calm fulfillment of the eye

Through years that watch each season’s lavish multi-layered sky

Fading from dark to light traversing all the rainbowed hues

In colors borrowed from some artist’s easel time suffused.

So much a giant symphony of sight and smell and sound

Feel I, as familiar objects like golden friends surround,

I now know I can’t ever leave this homely placid place

That thrives with every burning image change dare not erase.


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