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A TRUE ROMANCE ( 2020 ) 2020/04/02

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Now I have dreamt a dream or two

And spent a lifetime loving you

I’ve prayed and hoped we two would be

Together through eternity !


TIME’S RUN AWAY ( 2019 ) 2019/11/05

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There  is a joy the season brings

That dwells within rememberings

Of  times long  past and those to come

In  this old world so worrisome.

What  used to  be our yesterdays

Have  been recycled  to todays

And  we’ve recaptured  our best chance

To feel  again the  warm romance.

The world  that was,  has disappeared

To be  forgotten as we feared

Tis sad  that time  must runaway

To leave  but hours to  love and pray !




MYSTERY ( 2015 ) 2015/12/28

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Oh Lancelot, dear Lancelot, where is it you have gone

What lost and lonely metaphor may we depend upon

Oh Lancelot, kind Lancelot, please help to make me smile

I would love to be a maiden for just a little while

And when my life is over and my fate has been resolved

I’d rise above the madness with no mystery unsolved !


HEROINE ( 2014 ) 2014/09/09

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Once was I thought that I would be

Some heroine in history

One must be brave and noble too

With sacrifice for quite a few !

It took so long to understand

That life’s not always great or grand

And sometimes it just pays to be

A simple sort with piety !

It’s strange the way dreams disappear

To leave us all quite baffled here

How much more fun if we could be

Included in God’s next story !


LOVE’S AFTERGLOW ( 2014 ) 2014/06/05

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My heart recalls what used to be

And tugs on strings to set me free

Those days embraced so long ago

Remember love’s sweet afterglow.

While passions bound to yesterday

Whose memories have lost their way

Are moments that we cannot find

No matter how we chance rewind.

A breeze that drifts across the room

And harbors dreams that will not bloom

Are shadows of an old affair

That time alone may lose or share.


HYPOTHESIS ( 1977 ) 2013/05/19

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Oh, foolish dreamer, you lonely child,

They gave you a hope, and you ran wild

In fields of joy and gardens of laughter,

Simple girl, you forgot what comes after

The rain of a late summer’s discontent,

However much meaningful or well meant

He will return to the world of his past,

Deserting you first, remembering last

That you held his hand through the troubled days

And you kissed his tears, through your misted gaze,

But in their flight, most men are little boys,

And gentle girls become discarded toys.


THE CLOWN ( 1946 ) 2013/05/18

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Ah, Pierrot, what pale tear doth rest upon thy cheek

And lingers there while thou hast not the tongue to speak

To quell this agony within thy breast that swells

Not either strength to leave nor voice to thy love tell?

Hence thou dost act each night a role that hath no end

To veil thy life without one lover or one friend.

T’would be the love for whom you’ve pined yet been denied

Dost sense not hour , day nor year through which thou hast cried.

Thus as this force continued on in weary grief

Thou garnered not the halting grace it must to leave.

But made thyself a servant silent to her will

And like some mindless fool forever loved her still.


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