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PATTERNS ( 1980 ) 2013/02/13

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Castles in Spain fly on wings of a dream

Idle thoughts nought more than dulled reckless gleam,

Faint glimmer of hope one desire long inbred,

Time moulds each man’s dream into one fragile thread,

To leave but shadows of what he’d hoped to be

Like echoes of the words he wished he’d said.

Is this all that I am or will ever be

In patient pattern flowing until one drifts dead,

Ne’ermore to know the flight of the dream forlorn,

That dream  shining bright waits wasted and worn.


The fabric of life ’bout us vaguely closes

And weaving its web chains in cadence imposes,

While years swiftly flee as passionless dawn,

That heart which in hope  covets distant land,

Takes time to kindly glimpse the days long gone

When chance was his to leave or to command.

These years of mem’ry  like those past cloud worn

Instill not the fear but the value scorn,

The face of reality makes dream fantasy

While far castles in Spain mark man’s sad heresy.


INTERLUDE ( 1979 )

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In the strangely still and murky hours before sulky dawn

When nightbird calls and wizard sounds with caution fill the air,

He dreamt a shape in silhouette against the rising morn

Some mystic phantom woodland creature stealing from its lair

To stalk its frail and uncontested prey in dull silence

The larger making victim of the small, nature’s pattern

Crash, crackle, sounds merge thus veiled its predatory violence,

The night regained quietude, day began anew its turn.


For so it is in life, a sea nymph calls a plaintive air

To stir him from his worthy course and will him to her lair

Where life and dreams blend in a fantasy of love well meant,

And he unthinking reveled there for times too long content

When suddenly the silence breaks with unrestraining din,

The clutter of the brash world revokes their peace, rushing in

Not seeing all the twist and turn that caught them in this net

That neither wish to leave with stillborn hope lest they forget,

But who are they to dare impugn the lust of wishful hearts,

Impose on each a purpose that reflects not their own starts,

Too often those who don’t belong or cannot understand

Mar that joy which sings within the mind and slips from the hand,

And so return to what are looked upon as useful ways,

Leave behind the foolishness of what had been wayward days.


ALISON ( 1977 )

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I loved you, Alison, daughter I never had,

Little bird with timorous wings trying to soar

Above life’s clamor and din, mediocre and sad,

Like a lion at bay, as it whimpers a roar

Far too regal to run yet too timid to fight,

A babe thrust from her nest by adversity’s quirk,

Yet she stood like a queen never taking to flight.

How I envied her strength and the way her mind worked

And I loved her like a child I wished had been mine,

She stole my heart yet never understood the why,

But a wildflower to a cage one can’t confine,

Neither chain hearts or wings, hummingbird homeward fly.

See the pluck of that heart and the length of her limbs,

Flee now from the wind and consuming storm that stirs

To devour the sweet soul that breathed curious whims,

Shattered hopes, scattered dreams, the world could have been hers

And through her tender tears she wove her magic spell,

Her good-bye, whispered soft, bore majestic disdain,

Sweet child of my heart now gone I pray you fare well,

Lose not that bright spirit soon we’ll meet once again.


HONOR ( 1968 )

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While ghetto-bred and sidewalk-grown

The wisdom of the streets intone,

Like marigold instead of rose

Intensity of roots disclose.


To walk among the worldly ways

And see the truth with watchful gaze,

Know God exists in every man

And seek the best goal that you can.


Strongly speak with loving kindness

Accept rejection with fairness,

Quickly move to help another

And friendship search to discover.


Respect your needs in terms most clear

Reflect your weakness without fear,

Regard the world’s immensity

And love with deep propensity.


INTRUDER ( 1967 )

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Blast you insidious reptile slithering

Among the leaves and flowers withering,

Out from my doorstep from this path exempt,

Oh little worm, sad object of contempt.

Thou of naked creeping infamy begot

Man’s ill treatment bearing wicked maggot,

All fearing children turn from you blindly

For nature has dealt with you unkindly,

Cloaking you in garment that comes undone,

Be gone you sleek and slimy limbless one.

Painful instrument of remorse growing,

Yet your chore disclose God’s wisdom showing,

Well even worms must have some useful ways,

Observe they multiply both nights and days.



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A garden sweetly fashioned to bring heart’s content,

And weary days to offer cloistered covenant,

Oh sad deserted vestige of what once had been!

A victim of time’s ravages loss unspoken,

Is this the change so wrought by frost and cold,

Forsaking goodly purpose pursue desire bold?


And seeing this past haven sorely so distressed

When hindsight recollects memories embellished,

Poor limpid damsel careless lying, now awry,

The sight of which man’s constant lack of care imply.

Unlucky pedestal tumbled by force unknown

Neglected lass unsightly, clutching wrap of stone

Once pretty maid there wasting shameful stark and bare

Inert and prone, a covert of decay now wear

Unfeeling rocks so greenly cloaked in moss o’ergrown

And so forgotten muse with aging, sleep alone.


THE CROCUS ( 1975 )

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See here this insipid sprout prodding through the ground,

A waspish lout daring venture an exit found

From whence it slept secure and safe this winter long

Impatient now to seek the sky and join spring’s song.


This tender waif, intruding bold midst trees still shorn,

Rushing manner that its blossom earth’s green adorn

Oh plowman as you toil, do take especial care

Harm not that fragile wisp that births a flower fair,

Bustling winds their pruning labor still to finish

Hurried rains preparing sod, its growth diminish.


This poor forgotten badge of spring precedes the rest

Bids the heart sing, believe again the earth is blessed,

Slighted and unscented wretch gaining little fame,

Brave crocus how you dare and put the world to shame.



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Tall ships and white sails heading in the evening breeze,

Majestic rolling, lilting on blue sailing seas,

Voyage into the setting sun’s gaping expanse,

Where mystic stars and waves do shyly greet and dance.

To dwell where dark mystery of the deep endures

Landlubber I do wish somehow I might secure

A berth on these and fly with steady falcon’s wings

Into the sky light on a mast that sways and sings

With pirate tales of secret treasure troves galore,

Though buccaneers I’m told, steal ladies’ hearts no more.

How sad that even privateers with time grow old

No longer range the shrinking main to search for gold,

But rather sit in silence lusting for the past,

For men like ships with age, retire in grim contrast.

Yes pirate sloops died long ago in empathy

Like wanderlust that wanes for lack of sympathy,

While all that’s left are wistful sounds by seagulls made

Reminding us that once in time, adventure played

A melody upon the currents of the wind

And frolicked on the swells like a school of dolphin.

Hoist winch cast leaden anchors of the mind away,

Set sail for glory that recollects another day,

Embrace the basic elements of earth and sky

And on the seas of life, your fighting colours fly.


NIGHTSONG ( 1978 )

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Listen, my dear, the lonely night has wings

And to this heart a song of sadness sings

From dusk till dawn the plaintive air goes on,

Responsive chords echoing in carillon.

A night concert led by cicada sound

And the baritone frogs chant all around

While the wind contributes her peal of bells

Here, there, brisk rustling leaves this hymn dispels.

Hark as the distant stars play tympani

And turn lament into sad symphony

To fall on ears that blend soft melody

As those who loved in perfect harmony,

That ofttimes dissonant and tired score

When lyric moonbeams danced but love no more.


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