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GOD’S FINGER ( 2020 ) 2020/02/04

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Life  dishes out  a lot of stuff

Before  too long  we’ve  had enough

The  tides of time,  sometimes too strong

Will  somehow carry  us along

To  events we have  never seen

Or  places  we have never been

I  believe  all  peace doth linger

At  the behest  of God’s  finger !




RISE ABOVE THE STORM ( 2018 ) 2018/08/23

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The silence slips into the night

Too many hours before daylight

To soften all the morning sounds

Before the noise of life surrounds.

The light so dim grows brighter now

Promising hope survives somehow

Wherefore we have been lost so long

Help us to rise above the storm !


REALITY ( 2013 ) 2013/11/03

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The wind moves quickly through the trees

Loose missiles sailing on the breeze

Branches bristling flush with their leaves

Some landing there upon the eaves

Some flying swiftly to the ground

Others blowing turn round and round.

Like fugitives in some mad race

Each seeking their own resting place

Gusts increasing now growing bold

Like vestiges of legends old

That leave to us our final quest

We must survive old Natures best.


SEARCH FOR SILENCE ( 1991 ) 2013/04/28

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I listened to the sound of bumblebees at play

While the muted echo of caterpillars’ sway,

Subtle and seductive, lent a special whistle

To the singing reeds where hid a dancing thistle.

The clamor of the wind where hungry leap frogs strayed

Mid grass alive with noise when all their eggs were laid,

Made unvenal chorus, too vibrant and alive

Like a blaring trumpet I thought I’d not survive,

Then with one rousing movement and crescendo rise

Hungered for the silence to follow my demise.


REFUGE ( 1987 ) 2013/02/06

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See the mist rising from the flat earth in hazy layers

With cattails parading plumes erect as stalwart players.

The wet and steaming pools of teeming water peeking through

A veil of fog that hugs the road’s dim edge and clouds the view

Drown me in my thoughts arising from a sea of want and waste

Arousing fears I can’t forsake with time nor leave in haste.

Thoughts like forgotten goals do need a place to heal and thrive

Within some habitat that speeds their quest, keeps hope alive

And mocks not this inconvenient meadow of use no more

That sheltered many idle tears and fed the earth’s dry floor.

Fleeing from the wake of life where the forceful currents ran

Far from the ocean’s depth, understanding when it began

That not all creatures could survive the tidal lap and lash,

Some need the gentle marsh wherein survives that smouldered ash


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