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PEACE WITH GOD ( 2020 ) 2020/06/12

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Oh   how  I wish  I  were a  bird

Who  mimicked  every  song  he’d  heard

It  would  be  such  great  fun  to  do

A  gift  of joy  between  we  two.

We’d  sing  our  tunes each  morn  to  night

From  early  mass  until  midnight

These  pleasures  add  to daily  life

Though  riddled  by  anger  and  strife.

Now  if our  melodies  are  sweet

Perhaps  this  anger  we’ll  defeat

And  seek  a reason  to believe

Our  peace  with  God,  we  shall  achieve  !



WE MUST BELIEVE ( 2019 ) 2019/09/01

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We must  believe that nature’s force

Will have its way and  run its course

For we are  victims of each storm

But who knows where or in what form ?

I’d like to think  the world is round

With changing  seasons that abound

Midst mountains  that are peaked in snow

And hills that meet  with fields below

With every type of  plant and leaf

To pique  our brain and  find relief.

There is one God,  He is Supreme

And is  the answer  to each scheme

No matter  what our  nature brings

God’s the  reason our  earth still sings !




TELL ME WHY ( 2018 ) 2018/09/02

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Why should I wish that life’s a blast

When any hour could be its last

Why should I dream or try to share

When no one’s left to love or care ?

Why do I hope the time has come

When all our troubles are undone

Why am I sure we’ll all be fine

If we’d but follow God’s design ?


EASE THE BLINDNESS ( 2018 ) 2018/08/27

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I find it painful down memory lane

And prefer not pass this way again

Wounds of the past are too slow to heal

As all our weaknesses are revealed.

The courage it takes to stand up tall

May be the greatest challenge of all

We must believe God is always there

To cushion our falls and truly care

He leads us through darkness into light

And eases the blindness with His sight !


LOST PARADISE ( 2016 ) 2016/01/30

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The earth moves slowly round and round

So still we barely hear the sound

Our world’s comprised of life replete

The waters, an aquatic street.

The airborne throngs do mill around

With destinations to be found

This paradise is incomplete

For without faith there dwells defeat !


WHAT I’VE HEARD ( 2016 ) 2016/01/15

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I’ve heard the raucous seagulls by the shore

I’ve watched them dive and fish and dive some more

Their noisy bunch increasing by the score.

I’ve been enthralled by their sheer nautic ease

And watched them as they flew o’er stormy seas

Do they fare well in winter’s wind-swept freeze ?

I cannot guess the challenges they face

Or how it is they have survived life’s chase

But sure am I that they have kept apace.

Tis strange that God has chosen all the birds

To echo the full measure of His words,

“That neither sow nor reap”, is not absurd !



ALL REASON ( 2015 ) 2015/09/18

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When I look back upon my life

As child, daughter, mother or wife

Those things that I remember best

Are those that have withstood time’s test.

The days of childhood now long gone

Which gave us hope to wish upon

All followed by the maiden schemes

To shape one’s life and seek one’s dreams.

Then on one day to find true love,

The hero she’d been thinking of

Thus starts new life and motherhood

The years fly by as all years should.

Now that it’s part of what has passed

The good, bad, strayed or could not last,

Tis sad to think that nothing’s sure

Our God alone holds reason pure !


LOVE’S GLOW ( 2015 ) 2015/08/16

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Sometimes I hear the echoes of

Old days that were consumed with love

When hearts were young and lacked the fears

That follow through life’s troubled years.

Why is it love can’t remain long

Why is it weak or seldom strong

There is a need for all to know

What does one do to make love glow ?


HAPPENSTANCE ( 2015 ) 2015/05/31

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In those quiet moments before the dawn awakes

Wherein enlightened thought our passion gently breaks

As we note the seasons and tally up the score

We need seek the reasons that lives must matter more.

Such feelings as we sense shall give us all a pause

For who has faith to carry on without a cause

In spite of legends, promises or holy text

We may not meet again in this life or the next !


FORSAKEN ( 2014 ) 2014/11/04

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Oh my beloved Lord, wherefore hast Thou forsaken me

And left me here to weep and sigh for an eternity ?


THE WHALE ( 2014 ) 2014/06/24

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I’ve often thought I’d like to be

A giant whale who lived asea

Perhaps related to the beast

Who swallowed Jonah as a feast !

Think of the tales I could have heard

Right from an ancient humpback’s word

Oh what stories that I might spin

To shark or cod or small dolphin !

How much fun to splash about

Knowing God gave me my spout

Oh, what a grateful whale I’d be

Thankful He made great use of me !


CARELESS ( 2013 ) 2013/07/21

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I’d like to tell you how things were when I was but a child

The values that were taught to us in lessons bold yet mild

Where honesty and fairness and true courage was the way 

To learn to love each other and show kindness every day .

Somehow we’ve lost that purpose we can’t seem to get it back

We find ourselves defeated and subjected to attack.

I feel sad for little ones living in this hostile clime

Will they survive tomorrow or through out the rest of time ?

It’s a lonely kind of story in which they have been caught 

To never find the glory in the rules that they’ve been taught 

It’s a hapless sort of reason that just may see the end 

Of a world in its last season unless it learns to bend.


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