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TIS JUST THE FIGHT ( 2017 ) 2017/08/29

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Our world is really in a mess

Growing much worse I must confess

Seems someone, though we don’t know who,

Has played his dirty trick or two

And left us all in one great bind

For some solution we must find.

We’re upside down and downside out

We’ve lost our strength and have no clout

So buckle up and gather strength

We need to go to any length

If we’re to win this bloody war

Tis just the fight we’re ready for !


AUTUMN GOLD ? ( 2015 ) 2015/10/16

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Have you noticed that the leaves are flown

They’ve been whisked away to parts unknown

I wonder where they now congregate

It once was beside each garden gate.

There was a game the small children played,

Heap up the biggest pile of leaves made

And then just jump and roll around

In that leafy mess upon the ground.

I never thought that game was much fun

With all that cleanup you would have done

But now I’m confused, where are the leaves

Are we victims of bucolic thieves ?


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “TRASH” ( 1984 ) 2014/01/01

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EXCUSE ME, but you’re raining on my parade !  Oh, no it’s only Ronald McDonald sponsoring another sidewalk fest for the local neighborhood, frenzied and noisy.  Speaking of parades, we’ve missed one, New Year’s Day !  How do all those bands and marchers manage to be so sprightly and energetic the day after ?  I’d venture that the rest of the population including HOBOKEN can barely manage to lift their heads off the pillow much before warm-up time !  What is the secret ?  This year I couldn’t get the adrenalin to flow until about 3 PM, and I stayed at home New Years Eve, just the TV and me, listening to the serenade of breaking beer bottles and screeching tires from the streets below.  My morning after blues included one quick foray onto the sidewalk with black plastic bag clutched tightly in my very cold hand while the aging body repeatedly bobbed to scoop up the remains of the nights revelry.  Thank God and the local politicos for a swift and efficient Department of Sanitation.  They sure can cleansweep this town, toute suite !  When I was young, my mother told me that you could learn a lot about human nature by observing people’s trash cans.   Some were all dented and dirty, others clean and painted with pride, some had no cans at all using boxes and bags while others simply used those of their neighbors.  Now that’s a life lesson !  I honestly don’t know if that was what she truly meant however I never doubted her sagacity.  Excuse me, but I just ran out of Lysol !                            Sincerely,                         Claire B.


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