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AN EMPTY CHAIR ( 2019 ) 2019/06/14

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Each time that I sit down to eat

I notice there’s an unfilled seat

It’s been like that for quite awhile

I don’t feel ready yet to smile.

I wish your laugh and wisdom’s word

Were still the pleasantries I’d heard

For times have changed, you’re gone away

I miss you more, day after day !

Who’d ever guess that I should be

Alone at last upon life’s sea,

I never thought that I would share

My dinners with an empty chair !



DESOLATE ( 2016 ) 2016/01/31

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How fleet and swift our lives pass by

With minutes lost, the hours fly

There is no time called used to be

What we once knew did rapid flee

And left us there in life’s abyss

Our hopes awash, our love unkissed !


SADNESS ( 2013 ) 2013/10/13

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The shades of night fall oh, so silently

Upon the dimmed remainder of each day

The telltale shadows here reminding me

Of another time and another way.

There was a place so far and long ago

Perhaps one might believe it never was

I lost my heart I prayed it did not show

Sadness follows loss, it quite often does.

This heart of mine that never fret a fear

May chance survive intact with small success

So full it cannot hold another tear

Or find a love it can at last possess.


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