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EACH FRONT DOOR ( 2018 ) 2018/11/05

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The early dawn creeps o’er the hill

The world about seems calm and still

Tis all this peace at breaking morn

When hopes and dreams must be reborn

The silence brings a short respite

Escaping most of night times fright

As aspirations rise once more

To knock again on each front door !




JUSTICE ( 2018 ) 2018/05/01

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I’d like to think God’s on my side

When I begin to slip and slide

Perhaps e’en tumble down some hill

Like that famous pair, Jack  and Jill !

How wonderful that we may be

A part of Christ’s own victory

When good will triumph over all

And destiny will not be stalled

Let’s all standup and cheer aloud

Be grateful we have joined His crowd  !




EASTER SURPRISE ( 2016 ) 2016/03/22

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The day is coming it’s almost here

Hold onto your hat, let out a cheer

Here comes the spring bearing a new year.

The sun is shining, we’re warming up

About to partake of springtime’s cup

Time to thank our Lord ere we do sup !


THE DISTANT SOUND ( 2015 ) 2015/08/14

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There’s a world that’s out there, one that I shall never see

With all its magic music and such happiness for free

It reaches now to touch me with sights I have never known

Though I shan’t live to see it for my time is not my own.

I can sight the lights afar and do hear the distant sound

Distinctly in the twilight as the darkness closes round

And I’m sure that someone else will be right there to share it

As for me the truth is this, I’ve no strength left to dare it !


SEARCHING FOR GOD ( 2013 ) 2013/10/10

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God has not lost us, we have failed Him

And all the angels and cherubim.

How did this happen, what could it be

Is this a puzzle or mystery ?

No merit how hard we really try

Who can determine the reason why !

While striving to do the very best

We need to put our faith to the test

And help to discover gentler days

Lead us again to walk in Your ways.

We must embrace humility first

Ere we may fill this essential thirst

Seeking forgiveness for trust that’s lost,

We’ll gain His love small matter the cost !


TIME TO CHANGE ( 2013 ) 2013/10/07

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I feel like an empty vessel with contents nearly gone

Who rises to each morning and another chance coupon

To bring purpose to our lives that we can’t afford to waste

Forsaking hollow treasures we have gathered in our haste

As our minds collect false wisdom and store it all away

Into some far crevasse where it can crumble and decay.

Time has come at last to place erudition on the plate

Help to change our sad condition ere it would grow too late

Then begin anew once more face the final challenge here

Giving God His due respect with our gratitude sincere.


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