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SKIES ( 2013 ) 2013/10/16

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As a small child I stared in awe

At all the beauty that I saw

As each morn spread her fairy wings

Enchanting all with magic things.

Sunrise bled melting rainbows high

Wild colored spectrums in the sky

I’d spot the pictures in the cloud

Some here and there I’d name aloud.

When I was young and in my teens

I’d spied about a thousand scenes

The world was in an awful way

I knew because the skies turned gray.

Sometimes the clouds came rushing past

Above my head with visions vast

Then as the day approached its close

Sunsets glowed purples, plums and rose.

The brilliance faded all away

As night moved in to end the day

I’ve wondered where the color went

When after all the days were spent.

I miss the beauty that we had

It disappeared and left me sad

Today the sky is dull and bleak

And there’s an answer that I seek

Some lesson here that can be taught

Do skies reflect Gods precious  thought ?


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