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REGRET ( 2020 ) 2020/06/15

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A  simple  thought  just  for  today

That  we  mean  everything  we  say

The  truth  is  what  this  world’s  about

Because  of  this  we  have  no  doubt.

The  lies  are  but  another  ploy

Of  all  the  tricks  humans  employ

To  twist  and  turn  each  form  of  strife

Into  an  enemy  for  life.

How  sad  that  we  perchance  forget

Too  many  days spent  in regret  !





LOSE OUR GOAL ( 2017 ) 2017/04/07

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We are a people born to be free

To cherish peace and sweet liberty

Since we  began in seventy-six,

As we fought and died and took our licks

More than two hundred years in the past

A long time now in this world so vast.

We’ve stuck it out and held on so tight

Through coldest days and in darkest night

We’ve fought off each villain we have met

And what this cost we shall not forget

But now the fight’s for our heart and soul

We cannot afford to lose our goal !


DANGER ( 2016 ) 2016/11/25

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Now I have seen the mighty mountain and heard the restless sea

There is no greater image that my old heart may bring to me

For I am not a stranger adrift upon some foreign shore

But a native born who sees trouble that’s coming soon and more.

I pray that we acknowledge that our future holds great danger

We forgot how times are changed ere we welcomed in the stranger

And so it is that now we are prepared as we must need be

To keep our homeland safe and from all its enemies be free !



MY FREEDOM ( 2013 ) 2013/12/10

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What obstacle is there for me

To serve my God for thought is free ?

I need not wave my flag on high

For enemies of God to spy.

They learn enough from day to day

And shadow those who grateful pray,

They hope to turn us from our faith

And bend us to the devils wraith.

I will not bend or turn or twist

Release me from this traitors list !


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “IPSO FACTO” ( 2013 ) 2013/10/20

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“We have met the enemy and he is ours”, Perry.  What more can we add ?  The history of this nation leaves one both amazed and aghast, a dichotomy of kindness and cruelty, of simplicity and barbarism.  Who are we?  The new Jerusalem or Hades personified or perhaps a bit of both ?  Who IS the enemy ?  “Not I”  said the duck, “not I”, said the goose,  oh well, someone is !  It was much less complicated when I was a girl ( early 40’s ) in the era of black and white films, the hero always wore the white hat, e.i. Gene Autry, and the villain wore black, with the exception of Hopalong Cassidy !  You see ? During  World War Two the bad guy always had an accent and sported a glass monocle, today that would be called “profiling”.  Who knew ?  On a rainy Saturday you’d get a dime, a sandwich wrapped in wax paper and after chores, you’d go to the local cinema to spend the day, instead of the mall which had not yet been “imagined” or necessary !  The venue began with coming attractions, a comedy short, movietone news, serial episode, sports special, B film, cartoon and main attraction.  Wow !  No Bingo on Saturday.  However a 2  cent luxury tax was added later in the war.  No one turned on the lights to empty the theatre between the showings, you simply took turns in the restrooms and returned to your seats on which you had left your sweater or jacket.  How’s that grab you ?  Care to try that today ?  Don’t get me started on Dish Night,  you”ll  have to ask your grandma about that !

Sincerely,                                   Claire B.


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