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CONDITIONS ( 2000 ) 2013/07/06

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Happiness is a state of mind and

love a condition of the heart

Without which man is an empty shell

awaiting life’s meaning to start.


RAINFALL ( 1963 ) 2013/04/27

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There are no words to help explain

My God, how I do love the rain.

These feelings that surge deep within

Which from the depths inside begin

Are tonic to my ailing verve

And power grant these gods I serve.

The thought occurs often tragic

That life slips by without magic.

Grubbing bird,  hungry chick rejoice

While mist and I till dawn converse.

I could not live in climate dry

With nought to hide the fears I spy,

Impatient thoughts laced with chagrin

That weigh the scope of origin.


This rain that falls in rhythmic beat

Upon each valley, hill and street

And every other breathing thing

Elate that sweet refreshment bring.

Gone the fit of winter rigor

Greet the sudden rainfall’s vigor

Pause while earth accepts the blessing

Needing drink with grace caressing.

To each and every dying thought

Since man to life has hoping brought,

Neglected aims, now wilted grown

Feel with the rain, excitement known

Shall store away resentment’s girth

Believe that time may force rebirth


MY PLEA ( 1998 ) 2013/04/25

Therese of the Flowers will you help share my load,

May we walk hand in hand by the side of the road?

Can you tarry with me along time’s weary way,

Will you grant me some peace in each troublesome day?


As I bid you good morn, please smile kindly at me

Till my worrisome life in the end is set free.

In the hush of night’s dark when we two softly speak

I sense tears in your eyes and a flush on your cheek.


Oh little Therese as you wait silent and still

I can guess that you’ve tasted life’s cold and death’s chill.

Have pity on me, ease the dull hours of my days

With your sweetest of prayers in the smallest of ways.


Therese of the Flowers help me carry my load

As we walk hand in hand by the side of the road,

You may tarry with me along time’s weary way

Till we rest in God’s arms at the end of His day.


COMMENTARY ( 1952 ) 2013/02/20

This loud vituperous generation

Bred of wealth and moral degradation,

Abusive seedlings of decadence sown,

Wanton youth, in lack of awareness grown,

Floundering, for want of clear fortitude

Drowning in the flow of visciditude,

Expressing blame in terms most coarse and vile,

Censure holding, and decency defiled.

Poor wasted youth in sad afflicted plight

That knows no pledge nor holds a promise bright

They having days with but little merit

Some future, this lunacy inherit.




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What shrinking cloud or blinking star

That careless flung on fateful night

Shines both on two, that dwell afar,

Apart from each with shared insight?

Love’s concert flown on broken wings,

Within the cresting of fanfare,

Where wishful thought forgotten sings

To utter this unflinching prayer:

“ Vigil keep with torch of duty,

Remain steadfast to idylls old,

Bind true faith to inward beauty

And treasure that one romance gold.”



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The smell of pine so heady on the evening breeze

Reminding me of night’s communing with the trees,

The cushion of dry needles covering the ground

I walk upon with lagging step makes lively sound

It matters not what wistful hours the heart has spent

Observing nature’s complex scheme and complement

Forevermore a wonderment this world must be

All sight and sound to witness night’s infinity.


When all those eyes that stare from dark and distant space

Constant staid from beginning time within their place,

Deep mystery when I myself cannot recall

Oh what flat spot my fleeing footsteps did last fall.

Of all the thoughts that race within the agile mind,

Search and never such accomplishment to find,

As needle, cone or sturdy tree, this fancy strike,

Numberless will bloom and grow with no two alike.

Great blessing that deep wisdom ruled since life began

Including this unspoken pact twixt God and man.



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Oh little man possessed of smaller mind

Where have you left your rigid fears behind

Or do they walk with you, your waking hours

To assault you with their secret powers,

Or follow as you weave your careful way

Through the monotony of every day?


Oh grim despairing soul that has no hope

Within darkness you taught your heart to cope

Perhaps you’ll teach your mind in time to think

Thus live midst emotion raging succinct,

And dreaming dwell upon a flagrant kiss

And planning maintain devotion amiss.


Oh grieving heart, how can you bear the pain

And never know the why or cause explain,

But wander on the loss accept with ease

Hapless craft adrift in unwielding seas?

Too sad for lack of spirit need comply

And basic mortal code for life deny.


Oh fears that pursue, limits that tarry,

Escape leaden weights that practice carry,

One nourished on an indigenous pride

Engaging fate with a challenge inside,

Deep loss that suffers lackluster concept

Inadequate values, manner inept.


How now, to greet the coming of the years

In kind with normal passage of brief tears

And accepting thus that time may deal unkind?

For wit that hope is neither deaf nor blind

But dwells with faith and modest dignity,

Spurn false ideals and feint complexity.


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