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TO ANSWER PRAYER ( 2019 ) 2019/09/25

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Oh charity,  be kind to me

Please help  me set  my body free

How much  longer  can I persist

What  shall I do  to pain resist ?

At  times  I’m sure there’ll be no  end

More like a life  without a friend

I didn’t think  I’d have to bear

Unending  pain  or deep despair.

I am not angered  or divorced

With all the  issues time’s  enforced

I only know  that  God is there

To ease all  pain and answer  prayer !


SPELL OF DOOM ( 2019 ) 2019/08/11

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There are times my pain evinces fears

And burdens life with unwanted tears

Moments  when one is  upended  by

A  lack of concern  or  passersby

Please  help me Lord,  so I may erase

The spell of doom that now clouds my face !



MY PLEA ( 1998 ) 2013/04/25

Therese of the Flowers will you help share my load,

May we walk hand in hand by the side of the road?

Can you tarry with me along time’s weary way,

Will you grant me some peace in each troublesome day?


As I bid you good morn, please smile kindly at me

Till my worrisome life in the end is set free.

In the hush of night’s dark when we two softly speak

I sense tears in your eyes and a flush on your cheek.


Oh little Therese as you wait silent and still

I can guess that you’ve tasted life’s cold and death’s chill.

Have pity on me, ease the dull hours of my days

With your sweetest of prayers in the smallest of ways.


Therese of the Flowers help me carry my load

As we walk hand in hand by the side of the road,

You may tarry with me along time’s weary way

Till we rest in God’s arms at the end of His day.


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