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DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA “LONGEVITY” ( 2013 ) 2013/08/31

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I awoke this AM from a dream of a long ago memory !  It was spring 1936, I was a little girl in a pretty ruffled dress at the wedding of my mothers only sister to a man who always smiled !  Tho’ they were both a bit old for the occasion !  Now I believe there must be a reason for the dream, never dreamt of them before !  My Aunt Olga must not be confused with “old” Aunt Olga, this was my godmother, born in a flat on Willow in Hoboken, March 25, 1910, Good Friday.  My Pop called her his “hot cross bun”.  As a girl she played piano and soloed as a choir soprano in several local churches.  Exceedingly ambitious, graduated from Katherine Gibbs,    she became a bilingual court stenographer and translator in N.Y. court system.  She met her future husband, college graduate and rising “management” at Hanover Bank downtown.  Of course their “paradise” ended with Pearl Harbor, as Selective Service rapidly drafted 1 A’s,  single, married, no children, college degree, those on the edge of age 38, before they avoided  draft eligibility.  My uncle was fluent in English, German and French, he became part of the cadre of those administering  justice and prosecution of war crimes, an experience from which he never truly recovered !  My aunt became the companion and driver of Anne Morrow Lindbergh when she lived in New Jersey years ago and loved her job.  They worked hard, were kind and loving, sharing a long life together, entering the Bergen Pines Veteran’s Home where they both died in late 90’s.  Rare indeed, yes?  The greatest generation !!

Sincerely,                                      Claire B.


HYPOCRISY ( 2013 ) 2013/06/13

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I used to be married to this person I know

I must say that it was such a long time ago.

Perhaps had been better if a stranger were he

Unless one of us moves seems I’ll never be free

We live in this small town that’s only one mile square

If I shop in a store you can bet he’ll be there.

It has been forty long years since we shared a home

Much nicer this way as we are each on our own.


And now we are friends and can casually chat

About family and such, about this and that.

It’s been a long road the healing did not come quick

Looks like fate had a laugh and has played us a trick.

So here we are approaching the end of the trail

With our egos intact and a marriage that failed !



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