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HOT CHOCOLATE ( 2018 ) 2018/12/09

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Old winter is around the bend

Not long before the year does end

The weather seems much colder now

Sure it will be alright somehow

We’ll bundle up and drink some cheer

And beg of God a great new year !




SCHEME AND DREAM ( 2018 ) 2018/04/25

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Oh Santa Claus, dear Santa Claus

This is the wrong time of the year

However, I need ask because

Too soon the holidays are here.

We get so very bothered now

Just trying to keep up with life

It’s slipt away, I don’t know how

Between our courage and our strife.

I’d like to think that you and I

Perhaps could share the central theme

While knowing one day all shall die

Each needs accept both scheme and dream !


REMAINING FEW ( 2016 ) 2016/11/10

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For all of the joy that the holidays bring

There is this bit reminding us of one thing

That through all the pleasures each season may bear

Sometimes there’s a reason that we daren’t share.

The heart’s just a muscle that rises and falls

Yet treasures the moment and often recalls

Those times that were real, much before used to be

When some had to leave for a new destiny

Wherever they’ve gone, we have bid them adieu

As we must carry on, the remaining few !


OH HOW I WISH ( 2015 ) 2015/12/15

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Oh how I wish that I could be

The Christmas star upon your tree

I’d cover me with sparkle dust

And shimmer in a style august !

I’d shine and twinkle through the night

And glimmer in the early light

I’d hear the wishes that you made

Before it was to bed you’d laid

I’d gift to you a world so sweet

Filled with pure joy and hope complete !


EACH CHRISTMAS ( 1989 ) 2013/02/06

The candles in the window, the frost clings to each bough

The holly climbs the lamppost, the weather’s colder now

Tis time for sweaters, muffs and gloves and season’s merry glee

Yet with each falling snowflake my thoughts drift back to thee.

I hear the Christmas carol they sang that Christmas Day

And all of this it happened to someone far away.

This season brings to many a hope of untold joy

To me it means a memory time refuses to destroy.

I saw you first that Christmas Day and knew it had to be

That I should fall in love with you and you in love with me.

Fate seemed to speak to both of us the selfsame words we heard

I saw the laughter in your eyes my heart held every word.

Though slow to speak as then you were, I waited one long year

My hopes began to crumble as that Christmas time drew near.

This time you did not fail me, my dream at last came true

You loved me my beloved as much as I loved you.


The joy we knew that Christmas will never come again

In vanished in the springtime in the mist and foggy rain.

And so again  each Christmas when the snowflakes gently fall

It’s the time of sweet remember not the parting I recall

And I say to you my darling, wherever you may be

That you think of me at Christmas if you ever think of me.

I should hope that you remember not the springtime and its rain

But the love and tender kindness not the sadness and the pain

Not the years of endless waiting and the promises untold

But the laughter and the happiness that remembering doth hold.



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