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TO BE WITH FRIENDS ( 2018 ) 2018/03/12

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The shadows fall upon the eaves

To mingle in the evening breeze

The dwindling light now flickers slow

Soon tis the hour for light to go.

The sun is fading neath the hill

Before too long the wind is still

I hear a voice reach out to me

It’s searching for some sympathy.

The day’s been long and soon will end

The time has come to be with friends !



LAST BREATH ( 2018 ) 2018/03/02

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The shadows drift down through the trees

And shimmer in the gentle breeze

The dried leaves crackle underfoot

The chimney’s belching smoke and soot

The nightfall moves in like a cat

With moments ripe to have a chat.

A chill is in the air it seems

Soon time for reverie and dreams

The quiet shifts into the past

I think the day now breathes its last !


THE LAST GOODNIGHT ( 2018 ) 2018/01/26

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Well here I am alone at last

Safe from the power of times long past

Wherein my search I’ve tried my  best

To comprehend what is the  quest.

The answer softly doth resound

With all the love that each has found

And thus it is we seek respite

While gentle speaks  the last goodnight !


KIND AND TRUE ( 2017 ) 2017/12/12

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There was a place that I loved best

Besides the sea, at water’s edge

So many hours that I spent there

All types of weather, foul or fair

I learned back then to patient be

Accept God’s will and wait to see.

Well that was then and this is now

I have survived life’s storms somehow

There’s this advice I offer you

To thine ownself  be kind and true !


EMPTY CITY STREETS ( 2017 ) 2017/11/15

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The early morning fog begins to clear

I hear each leaf’s staccato on the ear

The wind whips through the clutter at the curb

While seeming to declare, do not disturb

The hollowed silence  of forgotten days

Now echoes through this empty canyoned maze !


BORING BLISS ( 2017 ) 2017/09/19

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Every day starts out the same

I’m getting tired of this game

I do believe I’d like some change

Although I think it could feel strange.

I’ve been a creature of routine

My life is calm, sweetly serene

And I don’t know if I’d survive

An increase in excess or drive.

Perhaps I’d better rethink this

And settle for my boring bliss !


NEVER ENDING COLD ( 2017 ) 2017/01/19

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I’ve trudged among the trees where winter breezes blow

Shuffled through the streets piled high with new fallen snow

Lingered in the shelter of tall buildings nearby

Silent as particles of snowflakes gently fly.

There is certain quiet that I appreciate

Appearing only after the hour has grown late

And so it is in winter we place dreams on hold

All’s impossible in this never ending cold !



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