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STRONG OF HEART ( 2019 ) 2019/08/30

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My dearest boy  what can I say

Just how I  miss you every day

Your happy laugh,  your  smiling face

Uneven jog and  rapid pace.

Your energy and  constant chat

A lot of this,  a bit of that,

In all  those years I  never knew

A single thing you  could not do.

Your interest  in those about

Made you a student  most devout

I never  saw you  fall apart

So sure of mind  and strong  of heart !


QUIET SURPRISE ( 2019 ) 2019/07/20

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Oh little lamb you are so sweet

With wooly coat and cloven feet

This gift from God to all who care

A gentle lamb its peace will share

When Christ was born in history

The sheep and lambs were there to see.

These animals that will not fight

And cannot sleep all through each night

Will herd themselves in a close space

They’ll stay together, face to face

And in the morning when you  rise

They’ll greet you in quiet surprise !


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