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LOVE LOST ? ( 2015 ) 2015/08/29

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When lions roared throughout our past

The world they knew was wild and vast

But time and changes took a toll

Destroying them in their life role.

The king of beasts has lost his crown

His kingdom is all tumbling down

Will they survive, these strong and bold

While love lost pales and soon grows cold ?


MY RAGGEDY ANN ( 2015 ) 2015/01/04

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There’s a ragdoll sits in my chair

Black button eyes and red yarn hair

She’s been with me so many years

Through happy days and lots of tears.

She sits there like a regal queen

Commanding my whole bedroom scene

She is quite old but in good shape

Poor thing, this is her one landscape !

Her eyes came from old button shoes

A pair my mother once had used

When she was just a child like me

And dreaming of her life to be.

If Marcella were only here

To see the joy and happy cheer

Her Annie brings into each room

Chasing away the children’s gloom.

I know that it would make her proud

That her dad’s gift still woos the crowd

Though it’s one hundred years ago

Raggedy Ann still steals the show !






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