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MORE EACH DAY (2019) 2019/04/25

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The day our Lord hung on the cross

Was when man knew his greatest loss

To us He was sincere and fit

King of us all of whom was writ

A man of faith and kindness too

Who came to save both me and you.

His suffering was hard to take

His mother vigiled at the stake

Imagine all the pain she knew

He was her child she loved Him too

Now there is nothing left to say

Except to love You more each day !




FIRST SURPRISE ( 2018 ) 2018/05/22

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Long time ago, another day

In a distant land far away

The sun rose brightly in the east

And shone upon a bridal feast.


That place was Cana we now know

Where Mary and her son did go

There marriage was a sacred thing

With feasting, vows and wedding ring.


Whole families and friends all went

To celebrate each huge event

But too soon all the wine ran dry

Before the party bid goodbye

When Jesus did that first surprise

It sure did open all their  eyes !



ROSE OF SHARON ( 2018 ) 2018/05/20

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A rose once in a garden grew

Nurtured by love and morning dew

Its flower so sweet beyond compare

Which God and all the angels shared

A beauty rare enough indeed

To comfort all who have the need.

The Rose of Sharon was the name

And from the fields that’s where He came

A beauty which reflects today

In all we know, in every way

The strength and wisdom that survives

It’s how we know God’s still alive !


LIFE COMPLETE ( 2018 ) 2018/02/28

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There is a mystery I know

About our Lord who loves us so

He’s kind and true and loving too

A model of Christian virtue.

He oversees our daily lives

And for our freedom ever strives

Oh what I’d give to see His face

Gladly accepting His embrace.

But better still I want to be

A part of His vast company

And sit there waiting at His feet

Now this would make my life complete !




HIS HOLY NAME ( 2017 ) 2017/11/04

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There was a child born long ago

It is a story we all know

A sky bathed in celestial light

With one star burning ever bright.

That tiny babe lay mongst the sheep

With angels guarding Him asleep

The heavens knew and marked that place

With holiness time can’t erase.

That baby boy would grow to be

The saviour of humanity

A whole world knows His blessed name

There’s been none else of greater fame !



“JESUS LOVES ME ” ( 2017 ) 2017/10/20

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There is this hymn I used to hear

Sung ever softly on my ear

When I was young and oh, so small

I loved that tune the best of all.

It was my night time beddie-bye

The one mom sang if I did cry

I  taught my children that same song

When they were young we’d sing along.

We did so quite religiously

In joy and pleasure frequently !


* see lyrics “JESUS LOVES ME”


BLESSED GOODBYE ( 2017 ) 2017/08/25

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My heart still bides upon a hill

I’ve never seen nor ever will

My life depends upon each word

Twas spoken that I’ve never heard.

All of my days shall ever be

Based on a man whom I shan’t see

I trust that every single word

Plus all of those I haven’t heard

Twill live with me until I die

Bidding to all blessed goodbye !



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