Claire V. Bogdanos


YOUR COLORS TRUE ( 2016 ) 2016/04/12

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To those of you who can’t recall,

One war was fought to end them all

How foolish was it that we thought

This war would be the last we fought !

The lesson that we should have learned

Our history too often spurned,

Like those who never went to war

Don’t have a clue what war is for !

The bloody battles, millions dead

Broken bodies, hunger and dread

These mean nothing, you weren’t there

You have not known this great despair !

You think that war is just some game

Untouched by loss, you are the same

You sleep, you eat, you talk the talk

But you have never walked the walk !

Oh cowards all, that’s who you are

You speak  so grand from oh so far

But show us now what you can do

Tis time you shared your colors true !





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