Claire V. Bogdanos


YOUR VOICE ( 2015 ) 2015/11/30

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There is this message I’d like to send

Across the land to both foe and friend

There is a God and He loves us all

Size matters not, whether great or small

He doesn’t care if we’re fat or thin

It’s the condition our heart is in.

It has to do with the way we think

Are we satisfied or on the brink

It’s the simple things that rate us all

Not the obvious, like short and tall.

It’s the kindness and the depth of love

It’s the hopes that we are dreaming of

It’s the job we do from day to day

To comport ourselves in every way.

There’s a world out there waiting for us

To join our God in His grand chorus

Won’t you stand up now and make a choice

And pledge to Him the power of your voice !


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