Claire V. Bogdanos


4 LETTER WORD ( 2015 ) 2015/11/06

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Love is a word I use a lot

For without love what have I got,

A lonely world all to myself

I’d be there wasting on some shelf.

I’d rather be a loving soul

Than searching for an empty goal

Whatever joy that life may bear

It’s so much greater when we share !


5 Responses to “4 LETTER WORD ( 2015 )”

  1. sadhappinessinperspective Says:

    I used to use the word love very frequently, and then one day in the what i thought to be, “perfect” relationship.. love was enough, until it wasn’t. He cheated, and as i continued my stay in the hospital because of suicide attempts, he was out on a date with another girl. While love can be very fulfilling, it can tear you apart. You seem to have a beautiful heart, remember to find your value in yourself, and not in the arms of another


  2. Oh my dear girl, the only love that anyone can depend upon is God’s, all else are fleeting as life itself is fleeting, I am too aware of our inadequacies from personal experience. However mothers come a close second ! Personally I opt for either, haha ! Thanx ! Claire B.

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  3. Carolyn Says:

    Love, Love, Love this… have a wonderful gift of saying so much in so few words.

    Carolyn Baxter Hereford, Texas

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  4. Thank you however I bow my head to the master, William Wordsworth, who said “getting and spending we lay waste our powers”, and Miss Lorena E. Fry my high school English teacher for 3 years who taught me how to feel ! Don’t think they make teachers today out of the same fabric of life ! Claire B.


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