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GOD WALKS BESIDE ME ( 2018 ) 2018/08/08

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I have browsed through many a page of time

And wandered lost in the vast world of rhyme

I’ve traveled alone or in company

From ocean to ocean and sea to sea

And all that I’ve learned and all that I know

God walks beside me wherever I go !




MY CHOICE ( 2018 ) 2018/01/27

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I love You Lord, that’s without end

Because You are my bestest Friend

Through thick and thin, You’re on my side

To You alone I can confide.

I need to laugh and bide with joy

You’ve helped me Lord my faith employ

Whatever You will ask of me

So quickly Lord, I do agree.

And if dear Lord we never meet

The thought of You is still as sweet

Whatever else that You may choose

I’m confident, I cannot lose !



GREAT FRIEND ( 2016 ) 2016/07/22

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When I was young I used to pray

“Please help me Lord, show me the way ”

And then as I began to age

My life soon turned another page.

I spoke to God quite frequently

It seemed we shared true empathy

At least that is what I believed

And do not think I was deceived.

Now that I’m old I understand

Our God is always close at hand

He is our comfort and great friend

Remaining so until the end !




MY BEST FRIEND ( 2016 ) 2016/02/13

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I’ve traveled on life’s byways with stops along the way

And traversed many highways before the end of day

I’ve wandered far too long searching for the rainbow’s end

While asking God to help me to find my lifelong friend.

I lost my pal not long ago, I wish she were here

So I could say I miss her and why she was so dear

Perhaps time will tell if we shall ever meet again

But I’m not worried yet cause I still remember when !




I NEED A FRIEND ( 2015 ) 2015/12/01

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I look outside, what do I see

A darkened sky that threatens me

An empty street that’s void of life

No sign of commerce, trade or strife.

I’m grateful for my quiet space

Right now I need a resting place

When will all of this chaos end

I sure could use a real good friend !


MY TRUE FRIEND ( 2015 ) 2015/11/21

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I have wandered lost near my journey’s end

In the search to find my forever friend

And as time has passed I am sure that I

Have met many that were but passing by.

There is one I’ll miss to my final day

Aft the angels came and took her away

Twas my true buddy, my mom and my friend

All her love bides with me until my end !


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