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THE PLATYPUS ( 2014 ) 2014/04/08

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I wish I were a platypus with fur so short and thick

I’d burrow in a hole so deep where I could play some trick

I’d lay my eggs by the edge of a swiftly running stream

Anyone sighting me would think me one more unholy dream !

Now a platypus won’t travel well having but two homes

One is in Australia where the poor thing barely roams

Tasmania is number two, such limits to impose

Upon this small flat footed duck with such a lengthy nose.

I’m glad to say its history’s the oldest ever known

No one can understand reasons why his repute has grown

Perhaps one day this mystery will be resolved at last

And I’ll return to storybooks for versions of the past !






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Have you seen the morning haze

Filter through the misty glaze

Before the sun just arrives

To shine its light in the skies ?

Have you spied an errant star

Shining bright but quite afar

Or the flock that’s overhead

Intent upon being fed ?

Such happenings will occur

Days to come and days that were

Precious words of Solomon

Nothing’s new under the sun !





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