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SOFTLY, SOFTLY ( 2014 ) 2014/04/27

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Softly, softly, along the way

How much is left for us to say,

What will happen, where will we go

Will time soon stop or grow and grow ?

How soon will this road turn and bend

Our history, where will it end ?

The cause is just, the timings right

We seek that future full of light

And justice for all humankind

With peace the aim we pray to find !



THE BATTLE ( 2014 )

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The battle raged, the bullets fell

One thought it was the bowels of hell

When it was done the silence came

And those who could, called out God’s name.

But if He heard, they never knew

Of many there were but a few

Who straggled out that fateful day

And met their death along the way.

This nation which faced great defeat

Lost skirmishes that would repeat,

But in the end she did avail

Avowing that we’d never fail !


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