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CONCLUSION ( 2020 ) 2020/02/02

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Sometimes  this world gets in the way

We  come and go,  yet cannot stay

Or  find a path  to keep us free

From  all of life’s  complexity.

I’ve  often  wondered  just how long

We’re  all expected  to be strong

It  takes some bit of  grit to see

The  pathway  to  eternity !




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EXCUSE ME while I backtrack on the last DATELINE,  “BLOOD MOON” with a recap of the words I THOUGHT were backwards !  How about the idea that I got it wrong ?  Is it possible that JOEL had it right ?  You betcha !  Maybe it connotes a new surge of rearmament, how scary is that ?  It would fall in line with the directive of Ezekiel 39: 9 to burn the weapons of war for 7 years due to the Creator’s anger regarding the profanity of His holy name !  Are we there yet ?  Today I am filled with queries, anyone have another theory ? And what about burying the dead, EZ 39: 14 , for 7 months ? Oh my, is it time for me to “sequester”  ?  HAHA !  One needs a sense of humor today to maintain some level of stability as prophecy seems to be rapidly catching up with reality !  Anyone agree ?                                 Sincerely,                         Claire B.


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