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DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA ” IT’S TIME ” ( 2014 ) 2014/04/03

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TODAY I awakened with a hymn echoing in my head, ” Faith of our fathers, living still, In spite of dungeon, fire and sword;  O how our hearts beat high with joy, Whenever we hear that glorious Word !”  Wow, 3500 years of history crammed into one verse, and nothing has changed !  Is this possible ? And still the promise calls and the hymns ring out their joyous song.  ” Faith of our fathers, holy faith !  We will be true to thee till death. ”  My hispanic friends speak reverently of “los ultimos tiempos “.  Is there no path left to create a better world ?  I am saddened by man’s inhumanity to man, I am crushed by the anger and the ignorance of mankind.  I am brought to my knees in supplication, will you help me in my quest ?  I know it’s time !  How about it ?        Sincerely,                                Claire B.



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Of all the gifts that God has given

And all the goals for which I’ve striven

The one I’ve chosen above the rest

That seems to me the ultimate test

Is the courage needed to be strong

To accept the guilt when I am wrong,

To love my God with all of my might

On the coldest morn or darkest night,

Follow His words wherever they lead

And volunteer when there is a need

Walk with Him whether it’s night or day

Pray for His blessings along the way !



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