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HOMAGE ( 2014 ) 2014/04/22

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When I remember yesterday

So long ago and faraway

I chuckle and I laugh aloud

(Between just us or in a crowd).

We had such fun both you and I

All through those years before goodbye

A mother and her child were we

Who lived in peaceful harmony.

Along the way we both grew old

Still sharing stories to be told

I hope you know how much you’re missed

And what I’d give for one last kiss !


TRUE ALARM ( 2014 )

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The winds of change blow loud and clear

The sound incites a world in fear

Where shall we search for safety’s sake

How can we heal the pain and ache ?

Is this part of the coming age

Have we now turned another page,

Are we to find we have become

The wart upon old Satan’s thumb ?

Tis true to think we mean no harm

Except to echo this alarm

To save our faith, our way of life

From evil’s ill and anger’s strife !



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